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This guide was put together using information given by the developers of bittorrent programs at their forums, guides and FAQs. There are no secret tricks, just the real basics of proper set up of a bittorrent program. Following these simple steps should result in increased download speed. There are some programs that claim to optimize speed in Transmission. Such programs are a scam and generally contain adware or spyware. I have seen it said, by the developers of all bittorrent programs, that nothing will increase your download speed in a bittorrent client more than the basic steps set forth herein.

Note When viewing this guide in Internet Explorer the Mac command key symbol appears as a box. I do not know why yet. This guide is now for Transmission 1. If you are not using Transmission, there are several other specific guides for other clients and a general guide here: Optimizing Bittorrent Clients.

To avoid messing up a network connection that is already cleared, first check and see if your communications are blocked or are already clear. Have Transmission running while testing the port. Error - follow all steps. This setting in Transmission is at Preferences? If you failed the port test above, then you should first set your port to a proper one.

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The most important choice here is to avoid using a port within the range. If your port was in this range, change and re-test. The safest choice is a port in the range as this will avoid ISP blocks and possible conflicts with other applications. Introduction A router will block incoming communications unless an exception is made.

All software firewalls will block incoming communications and most will also block outgoing communications, unless an exception is made. If you are "firewalled", then other people will not be able to initiate connections with you see Why Is Being Firewalled Bad. As there are many firewalls and routers, this guide can not give explanations as to each. However, there are guides available, on the internet for most firewalls and routers and this guide will link you to them.

Setting permission for the port is the safer choice. You can check these options for guides:. Router - There are two choices here. The easier way is to use UPnP. However, this has a possible security issue. Using UPnP allows any program to create a port mapping through the router without consent of the owner. If you still want to use UPnP, then it would be a good idea to test and see if your device is vulnerable to attack through UPnP. The other choice is to manually forward the port through the router. This does not have that security issue, but involves going through several steps to accomplish.

Using the guides linked herein, this should not be that difficult and is the preferred method. In Transmission this setting is at Preferences? Manual Forwarding-The Preferred Way. Error - re-do steps or seek help in Forums. Have Transmission running while re-testing the port. Setting upload in Transmission is a fine line.

The more upload you give, the more download you will get from other peers. However, if upload is set too high, or to unlimited, then download speeds will suffer as outgoing communications acknowledgment signals, resend requests etc will be interfered with. Other adjustments are made here to distribute your upload so that you receive back the most download from other peers.

Speed Test : Speedtest. To take the test you must have Flash installed and javascript enabled. Before taking the speed test, press Settings in the upper right of the speedtest.

I cannot get Transmission's port to open!

This will take you to another page. At the bottom of that page is the "Global Settings" options. Set "Speed Measurement" to kilobytes and press "Save". You should stop all internet activity, including torrents, before taking the test and the test should be taken a few times to obtain a reliable average. Results will now show in KiloBytes. It is the upload rate that is important here. However, you may wish to do a double check on real life upload speed.

When you are active on a torrent with a good number of peers and you are using your upload cap, set upload to unlimited and watch for about minutes and see where upload settles in at. Then input that number into the calculator in the kiloBytes section. Quick links. Any help would be most welcome! Transmission 2.

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So I can't seed. I guess that at least one of these three mechanisms does not need to connect through the closed port, hence allowing some seeding to work. Could someone confirm this? Will they produce an update to fix it? It occurred suddenly, and I have spent the whole day trying to fix it, all to no avail. I've done pretty much everything that has been suggested,and my port is still closed.

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I can neither upload nor download. Any suggestions? Last edited by Bangkokgal on Sun Nov 27, am, edited 1 time in total. Windows users will need to download previously mentioned PeerBlock an updated version of the seemingly defunct, previously mentioned Peer Guardian 2 to block the big boys from snooping. The first time you run it, it'll take you through a setup wizard, in which you can decide who you want to blacklist. Check the box for anti-P2P organizations as well as anything else you may want, though the P2P box is the only important one for BitTorrent and schedule it to update as often as you want.

You might as well update it every day; there's no reason to be stingy with your privacy here. Then, just make sure it runs when you use your BitTorrent client—it'll keep you safe from those bad peers. These are some tricks that have been around for awhile, and they won't exactly keep Big Brother off your back, but they are useful for keeping BitTorrent from overtaking your internet connection, especially if you've experienced some heavy speed increases from the above tips. Here are a few ways to automatically manage BitTorrent's use of your bandwidth.

BitTorrent downloads and uploads can hog a lot of your internet connection's bandwidth, especially if you're sharing popular content. The simplest way to keep BitTorrent from hogging your connection is to set global upload and download limits. In uTorrent, you can find them in the Connection section of the Preferences.

In Transmission, it's under the Bandwidth pane of the app's preferences—just check the "Download Rate" and "Upload Rate" boxes and set your speeds however you want. You can also set a "Speed Limit" mode, if you want to switch between two different bandwidth limits—say, give it more bandwidth when you're just checking email and the like, and cut the limits down when you need that bandwidth for streaming video or online gaming.

How to download movies/files using Transmission (mac)

You could just quit your BitTorrent client or manually turn on Speed Limit mode whenever you want to conserve your bandwidth, but if you're like me, you'll forget to start it back up—meaning you'll end up delaying your downloads most likely until you want whatever was supposed to be downloading, at which point you will slap your forehead. To remedy this situation, uTorrent and Transmission both come with simple Scheduler features that you can access through the Preferences.

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Tick the box next to "Enable Scheduler" and you'll see a grid of green boxes light up. The grid runs Monday through Sunday, midnight to midnight or to , one box per hour. Here's how it works:. I've always got a little bandwidth to spare on my connection, but I certainly don't want uTorrent hogging my bandwidth while I'm working, so I set the Scheduler to limit speeds from 8am to midnight every day. Also, since I generally stay away from my computer on Saturday, I keep uTorrent at full throttle. See the screenshot above to see what this sort of schedule would look like.

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Handy, huh? In Transmission, it's a bit more basic.

Just open up Transmission's Preferences and to the Bandwidth tab. You only have two modes instead of three—your global bandwidth limits and Speed Limit mode. You can schedule the speed limit mode to turn on and off at a specific time either every day, on weekdays, weekends, or on a specific day of the week. It's not quite as flexible as uTorrent's scheduler, but works well enough—I'll generally just limit its speed during the day, and let it tear up my connection when I'm sleeping.

In fact, many sites, especially private trackers, keep a close eye on your share ratio and may even ban you if you don't keep your ratio above a certain point i. This isn't as widespread as it used to be, but it does still happen—and besides, sharing is just a nice thing to do. I'm in total agreement of the whole share-and-share-alike attitude, but once I've shared an equal part of what I've downloaded, I don't want to waste too much extra bandwidth on that torrent.