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At this point, a dialogue box will pop up, sharing a little more information about what will happen if you enable sharing.

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  • How to Use Your Laptop as a Wi-Fi Hotspot.
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Giving them access to the WiFi on your Mac makes it easy for experienced hackers to gain access to your personal information and computer files. This will allow you to name your hotspot and set up a WPA2 Personal password.

Why Apple’s Personal Hotspot Is a Good Idea—and How to Use It

From there, you can connect any device using the hotspot channel and password you just created. This means that it can either host a WiFi network or it can be connected to one. It cannot do both at the same time. You can circumnavigate this problem with a USB WiFi adapter, which allows you to configure a separate hotspot.

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Where Can I Find Free WiFi Hotspots?

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How To: Use Wifi Internet Sharing on your Mac (Use your computer as a router)

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Create a free WiFi hotspot on your Mac or Windows

Working in a large office or living in a spacious home with several rooms would be more comfortable to a lot of people, but one of the drawbacks you might …. Whether for professional or personal use, wireless devices have become a part of our daily lives. A smooth flowing WiFi connection would assist to make your activities stress-free, which is …. Now we all have a smartphone on our hands and you must have noticed the icon at the top of the screen 3G, 4G, Edge, LTE, …. Are you a Windows 10 computer user?

Do you often need to share the Internet with your phone, tablet and other devices?

How to Turn your Mac Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can solve this problem in seconds with an iPhone. Your iPhone can use its cellular data connection to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that your Mac or iPad can connect to. Apple calls this handy feature Personal Hotspot, and it is commonly called tethering. Personal Hotspot is easy to set up and is far more secure than jumping onto random public Wi-Fi networks.