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Norton Password Manager enables you to generate complex passwords and store them in a secure online vault. From within your vault, you can access your passwords at your fingertips. Learn more about using Norton Password Manager to secure your passwords. Do you use public Wi-Fi?

Connecting your smartphone or laptop to shared Wi-Fi at the coffee shop down the street may not be as private as you think. Even password-protected Wi-Fi may leave you vulnerable to attacks. When do you need a VPN and how does it work? Does your PC have a webcam? Cybercriminals can use spyware software that enables spying to take pictures with your webcam without your knowledge.

Cybercriminals have used compromising photos stolen from webcams for blackmail or extortion. Norton gives you protection against spyware, and SafeCam specifically blocks unauthorized webcam access to your PC. What is the Dark Web? The Dark Web is where cybercriminals offer information for sale, including personal data like email addresses.

Where are your kids right now? Even if they are sitting in the same room with you, they are likely engaging in the online world. These tools help you facilitate positive parenting and engage on important topics proactively.

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Did you know that LifeLock can send alerts for a wide range of potential threats to your identity? If something suspicious comes up, our Identity Restoration Specialists are there to help. Do you know where to start if your identity is stolen? Having your identity stolen is scary, and you may not know who stole it or where to begin to resolve it.

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With LifeLock, you have an advocate on your side. As a Norton LifeLock member, if your identity is compromised, an Identity Restoration Specialist is assigned to your case who guides you through the restoration process from start to finish. Who could help you with reimbursement for identity theft losses and expenses? You will be covered for personal expenses you incur and money stolen as a result of identity theft, up to the limits of your plan.

What role does Credit Monitoring 3 play in identity theft protection? As a Norton LifeLock member, we monitor key changes to your credit file at one or all three leading credit bureaus depending on your plan, and alert you to help detect fraud. How many times have you misplaced your wallet, or left it exposed to potential theft?

A lost wallet can mean a lost identity. How would you know if someone opened a new credit card, cell phone plan or auto loan in your name? You can monitor your current credit cards for fraud, but identity thieves can open new credit lines, cell phone accounts, or auto loans in your name, building large debts that can ruin your credit.

How many organizations and companies store your information in their databases? Your information is virtually everywhere, from doctors, insurance companies, employers, even your favorite retailers. We let you know about large-scale breaches, so you can help protect your personal information. Policy terms, conditions and exclusions at: LifeLock. Any credit monitoring from Experian and TransUnion will take several days to begin after your successful LifeLock plan enrollment. This screen is for demonstration purposes and is subject to change.

If you are already a Norton customer, you may be using a product that provides device protection only. NEW Norton with LifeLock provides you with comprehensive protection for your connected devices, online privacy and identity. With Norton device security we protect your devices against viruses and malware, and with our Virus Protection Promise 2 should you get a virus we will help remove it on your devices or refund your money.

Your personal devices and information have protection both at home and on-the-go with bank-grade encryption with Norton Secure VPN when connecting to Wi-Fi, even public Wi-Fi. Log in to your Norton account to review your current plan and features. The NEW Norton plans are designed to bring you multiple layers of protection you need against existing and emerging cyberthreats.

For most customers, a NEW Norton plan comparable to your current subscription will include additional features such as:. Depending on your plan, you may also see an increase in the number of devices you can protect with your subscription. The NEW Norton is designed to bring you multiple layers of protection for your devices, online privacy, and identity — and you get these added benefits as well:. Symantec acquired Norton in to add PC security in addition to its Mac security, and acquired LifeLock in to add identity theft protection services. No problem. Please review our Return Policy as restrictions may apply.

You can cancel your monthly subscription or your automatic renewal for your annual subscription at any time at my. For more details, please visit our Return Policy. Run our software through its paces for up to 60 days, and simply contact us within 60 days for full refund on annual memberships. Norton LifeLock offers several plan options to fit your needs.

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To compare our price plans, just click here. NEW Norton brings you multiple layers of protection for your connected devices, online privacy and identity. And Safecam, to help block webcam takeovers. Depending on your plan, we offer protection from one to an unlimited number of devices PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets, iPads, and iPhones. These days, cyber threats are more varied than a virus infecting your PC.

Norton protection and performance is recognized by reputable testing labs time and again, and is the most awarded consumer security brand ever by PC Mag. It offers powerful protection for your device and personal information on it. However, NEW Norton provides multiple layers of protection for devices and online privacy for the whole family. Spyware is unwanted software that infiltrates your device, stealing your Internet usage data and sensitive information. Spyware is classified as a type of malware — malicious software designed to gain access to or damage your computer, often without your knowledge.

Spyware gathers your personal information and relays it to advertisers, data firms, or external users. NEW Norton has device security which protects against viruses, ransomware, malware, and other online threats as you bank, shop and post online. There are various types of malware, including spyware, ransomware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, adware, or any type of malicious code that infiltrates a computer.

NEW Norton has comprehensive protection against malware and spyware for your devices, that may reduce the risk of identity theft. In addition, be careful about what email attachments you open and be cautious when surfing by staying away from suspicious websites. Ransomware is a malicious software that uses encryption to hold data for ransom, the purpose of which is to extort money from the victims with promises of restoring encrypted data. Like other computer viruses, it usually finds its way onto a device by exploiting a security hole in vulnerable software or by tricking somebody into installing it.

These are fake emails that can look surprisingly legitimate. If you get tricked into clicking a link or providing information, thieves can get your passwords and account numbers. Buying subscription-based antivirus software that specifically targets phishing is one way to help protect against being scammed. Keeping antivirus software up-to-date can help keep a computer protected against ever-evolving threats. Antivirus software can block offending emails that come from a suspect source or contain phrases common to many phishing attempts.

But the most important way to protect against phishing is to be informed. No reputable company will ever ask their customers for account numbers, credit card numbers, logins or passwords. A Smart Firewall is the network security in NEW Norton that monitors the traffic to and from your network and can either allow or block that traffic based on a defined set of security rules.

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  • NEW Norton Smart Firewall helps protect your device and your data from malicious attacks and intrusive eyes by monitoring and blocking suspicious network traffic. Keeping your devices free from viruses is at the heart of what we do. Cloud Backup for PC stores and protects important files and documents as a preventative measure to data loss due to hard drive failures, stolen devices and even ransomware. NEW Norton comes with easy-to-use Parental Control that allows you to set screen time limits for kids 11 , block unsuitable sites, monitor search terms and their overall activity history.

    Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information for their gain and your loss. Personal information can include your Social Security number, birth date, email address and passwords. Criminals could potentially steal from retirement accounts, rent property and even commit crimes — all in your name. Sometimes it could take months or years before anyone notices and the restoration process can also be lengthy.

    If identity theft does occur, a U. This is an underground online community where criminals can go to buy and sell your personal information. Having credit monitoring is a good proactive step but you could miss certain identity threats by just monitoring your credit. With Norton with LifeLock Ultimate Plus, we monitor key changes to your credit file at the three leading credit bureaus and alert you to help detect fraud.

    Secure VPN helps protect your online privacy by blocking intrusive activities like tracking or controlling your online activities or location by Internet service providers, mobile carriers, advertisers, and websites. A Virtual Private Network VPN creates a private network within a broader network, adding security by using encryption and tunneling mechanisms.

    And this number is growing. Additionally, each country has at least two servers, so you won't always connect to the same IP or data center when you turn on the VPN and connect to any specific region. In addition, with the evolving threats facing consumers as well as the proliferation of free public Wi-Fi, the timing is right to provide consumers with a strong trusted VPN-focused product like Norton Secure VPN. Connecting your device to a password-protected Wi-Fi access point does not protect your data as it is broadcast from your device to the hotspot.

    Passwords on Wi-Fi access points only ensure authorized users are connecting to the hotspot. So, your data may be at risk as it traverses the airwaves between your device and the hotspot. Free is not always free. Often, free VPN products trade your information to help offset their costs. Norton Secure VPN does not impose data or bandwidth limits or advertisements on you.

    An unlimited data and bandwidth VPN service has significant ongoing costs.

    The downside to free and less robust security solutions

    Those costs are necessary to ensure your privacy. We also offer a day money-back guarantee for annual subscriptions if users are not satisfied with the product. The webcam on your PC is a great way to keep in touch with family, friends or business associates. But it can also be vulnerable to hacking. The system requirements for the New Norton plans are not significantly different from our current offerings, please visit our Support Page.

    Not all features are available on all platforms. Microsoft Windows 10 all versions , except Windows 10 S. Some protection features are not available in Windows 8 Start screen browsers. Current and previous two versions of Mac OS. Norton Family Parental Control features are not supported. Android 6.

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    Must have Google Play app installed. Auto-scan of apps on Google Play is supported on Android 4. Samsung devices running Android 4. Norton Secure VPN may be used on the specified number of devices — with unlimited use during the subscription term. No one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft.

    All Rights Reserved. If a Norton agent is unable to remove the virus from your device, then you may receive a refund based on the actual price paid for the current term of your qualifying subscription. Any refund will be net of any discounts or refunds received and less any shipping, handling and applicable taxes, except in certain states and countries where shipping, handling and taxes are refundable.

    The refund does not apply to any damages incurred as a result of viruses. It does not monitor or track YouTube videos that have been embedded in other websites or blogs. Reimbursement does not apply to identity theft loss resulting, directly or indirectly, from phishing or scams. Please login to the portal to review if you can add additional information for monitoring purposes. All rights reserved. Firefox is a trademark of Mozilla Foundation.

    App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Norton with LifeLock Questions. Are Norton and LifeLock part of Symantec? Read More. Is the original edition of Norton TM still available? Read more. The level of protection you need depends on what you do, and how you do it. If so, you need a VPN. In the Feb. Bitdefender and Kaspersky both nailed it, stopping all malware with zero mistakes; Microsoft's built-in Windows Defender also stopped percent, but at a cost of 36 false positives.

    Britain's SE Labs gets very granular with its tests, docking points for antivirus products if they neutralize rather than block malware, or if they fail to stop system compromise even if a piece of malware is detected.

    Is Using Mac Virus Scan Online Services Effective?

    Norton acquitted itself well in SE Labs' first three rounds of tests in , allowing just one compromise, neutralizing six pieces of malware and blocking all the rest, garnering an overall accuracy score of 99 percent. However, Kaspersky again did the best of all. Norton found and resolved 97 percent of threats in tests conducted from February to June of by our own lab.

    All the Norton antivirus products include Norton's password manager, and there's also a Silent mode that suppresses popups, updates and interruptions. Most other antivirus brands introduce parental controls with the middle-priced product, which would be Norton Standard in this case. The new batch of Norton products introduced in April adds a couple of features. There's now dedicated webcam protection and built-in VPN client software and service for all Norton products -- i. Connecting to Netflix overseas was hit-or-miss.

    We got the U. Unfortunately, there's not much else in terms of antivirus features.

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    • None of the Norton products have extra tools that are common among other antivirus brands, such as a hardened browser for online banking and shopping, ransomware-rollback features, anti-theft mechanisms for laptops, a virtual keyboard to foil keyloggers, or any type of file shredder or encryption software. Try the premium versions of Kaspersky or Bitdefender software for those.

      How to run scan on Norton Security for Virus, Spyware, and Security Threats

      Many years ago, Norton antivirus products would slow your system to a crawl while they scanned your hard drive. But Norton subsequently made great strides on that front, and most of its products we tested in the past few years had only a moderate system impact. We're sad to report that the bad old days may be back. To measure system impact, we used our custom benchmark test, which measures how long a CPU takes to match 20, names and 20, addresses in an OpenOffice spreadsheet. This rose by 13 percent to seconds with the antivirus program installed but not scanning.

      That's a bit on the high side. Norton Security Premium's full scans took a heavy toll on performance, with the OpenOffice benchmark stretching out to seconds. That's a whopping Norton Security Premium's quick scans resulted in a performance slowdown of nearly 19 percent, worse than any of the other current-generation security suites we looked at. Without it installed but with Windows Defender protecting the device , the Acer finished the spreadsheet task in an average of seconds. That's 44 percent faster than on the older, slower Asus. After installation, that completion time remained unchanged, implying zero passive system impact, or at least no more than what Windows Defender incurred.

      It's one of the best we've seen. The quick-scan impact was also better than with Norton Security Premium, although the faster processor may have made up part of the difference. The OpenOffice task finished in an average of seconds, 9. But full-scan impact was not much improved with the newer software.

      It took the OpenOffice task an average of seconds six minutes and nine seconds to finish, indicating an 61 percent slowdown from the baseline. By comparison, system performance slowed by only 16 or 17 percent during Bitdefender's and McAfee's full scans, and by 21 percent during Kaspersky's full scans.

      You might want to schedule full scans for the hours when you won't be using the machine. Norton with LifeLock Ultimate Plus has two main interface screens, and then a third interface with your account on the Norton website. First, there's the My Norton dashboard with links to the software's seven main components, although each link behaves differently.

      Download Norton Power Eraser

      Device Security opens up the antivirus software's main screen, which we'll explore in a second. Cloud Backup opens a window to manage what you want backed up. But we're going to focus on the antivirus software. As you'd expect, the Norton interface's home screen has a green checkmark to show that everything is protected.

      It also tells you when the last scan was run and how many system licenses you've used. Click on My Norton to go back to the all-encompassing dashboard. Many of the screens are unchanged from the previous generation of Norton antivirus products. The biggest difference is a more visible link to "Report Card," the previously existing screen that shows you how Norton's software has protected you in the past month.

      A quick scan can be started from the main window; a full scan is two screens in and scans can be manually scheduled or set to run whenever the system is idle. There's also a Task Tray icon that, with a right-click, lets you run a quick scan, back up files, connect the VPN and disable the Norton firewall; the Device Security shortcut in the navigation bar does the same thing. As mentioned above, the My Norton website interface is where you interact with your LifeLock services see our LifeLock review for those as well as your parental controls we've got a separate review of those too.

      The LifeLock information duplicates what you would see on a regular LifeLock account, but with the Norton look and feel. The Norton site logs you out pretty quickly if you leave it alone for half an hour or so. That's understandable considering how much sensitive data it handles, but it's still kind of annoying. Even after we logged back in, we sometimes had to retype the account password a second time to access the LifeLock identity-protection data.

      We had a bit of a Catch with the password manager at first. You can't use the Norton password manager to log into your My Norton account until you log into your My Norton account and use your presumably different password-manager master password to unlock your Norton password vault. Got that?

      The password manager kept trying to log us in anyway, and when we typed in our Norton account password manually, the site got confused about which password we were trying to input and wouldn't let us access either account until we rebooted our machine. Fortunately, after all that was done, we found that we could stay logged into our Norton password manager even after we logged out of our Norton account -- and that using the password manager to log back into the Norton account worked well in that case.