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If you can't see the information in the embedded file, drag a sizing handle until you see the file contents.

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You can embed part of a file. For example, in a monthly status report, you might want to embed a specific range of cells from an Excel sheet instead of the entire sheet. Select the file that you want to link to, then click Options.

How to Insert Excel Data Into Microsoft Word Documents

If the Edit Links command is unavailable, your file does not contain linked information. Embed information from one file in a different file If you want the two files to remain connected but you do not want the main file to update when the other file is changed, you can embed the information. Select the file that you want to embed, and then click Options. For example, you might want to link to a specific range of cells from an Excel sheet instead of the entire sheet.

Select the information that you want to paste — for example, a few sentences in a Word document. On the Edit menu, point to [type of object] Object , for example, Worksheet Object , and then click Edit. On the Insert menu, click Object , and then click Create from file. Create, edit, or remove a hyperlink.

Click where you want to insert the link. On the Edit menu, click Links. Make the changes that you want. Notice that the file that has the link contains the changes. Click where you want to embed the file. Select the file you want, and then click Options. If you embed an Excel sheet, it must be the first sheet in the workbook.

Clear the Link to File check box.

Double-click the embedded object. Make your changes and then save them. Notice that the embedded file contains your changes. Copy information from one file and paste it as a linked or embedded object.

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On the Edit menu, click Copy. Locate and click the file that you want to embed. Click Insert , and then click OK. Double-click the embedded file.

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Click File , and then click Update. On the Edit menu, click Paste Special.

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On the Data menu, click Edit Links. Click the linked file. Notice that the file contains the changes. On the File menu, click Update. Locate and click the file that you want to link to. Click the embedded file. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Internet Android. Read More. But sometimes you have data in another program that you need to reference; it might be in Microsoft Excel, it might be a PDF, it could even be another Word document.

How to import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Apple Numbers

Knowing how to import that data can save you a lot of time. Every little tip learnt along the way helps. How about ten more tricks for your daily productivity? Find out how to make a table and format it perfectly with these simple tips. Read More is terrible. It does have the advantage, however, of working whether the Excel sheet is present or not.

You can use this same strategy with an entire table, if you want to keep the formatting consistent with your Word document, too.

This is how people often produce written reports Read More into your Word document. Like importing a table, it can be very convenient to import a graph or chart from Microsoft Excel into Word, so that it automatically updates whenever you make changes to the Excel spreadsheet. This could be especially useful if you have to create regular reports that include graphs.

Fortunately, Microsoft has made this process extremely easy: just copy and paste the graph from Microsoft Excel into Word. You can also click and drag the graph from Microsoft Excel to Word to embed it in the file. Either way you go, the chart will now automatically update whenever you make changes to the original spreadsheet. A mail merge lets you create a large number of letters, labels, envelopes, or just about anything else in Microsoft Word using data from Excel.

Mail Merge, a simple Microsoft Office automation tool, will let you print your labels in seconds. Let us show you a simple Microsoft Office automation tool that will save you hours! It can take a while to get the hang of using mail merge, but once you get it, it will be one of the most useful tools in your Office arsenal. A quick word of warning: when you import a PDF into Microsoft Word, it basically comes in as an image file, and not text.

If you need to type the same thing on a regular basis, you might be able to save time by putting it in a Microsoft Word document and simply referencing it from another document. Going through an example will help make this more clear. I want to include each of these — a signoff, contact information, and a quote — in each of the letters. When I typed it, it looked like this:. Note that you need to include two backslashes between each section instead of one. You can also use this on fields that are working correctly if you need to make a change.

From here, you can make any fixes you need to. This might seem like a lot of work, but if you have to type the same things on a regular basis, it could save you a huge amount of time in the long run. We show you how it works and offer a selection of recipes. Read More to save time, too. If you want to keep an updated copy of a web page in a Microsoft Word document, you can do that too!