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If you have a video file on your Mac that includes an AC3 channel, and you use VLC to view the video, the AC3 information can be sent to your Mac's optical audio output or AirPlay, but it won't be sent automatically.

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Select the video file you wish to watch from the standard Open dialog box, and then click Open. If the video starts up on its own, click the pause button in the VLC controller at the bottom of the screen. If you're not hearing surround sound, make sure the video you're watching is playing back the appropriate soundtrack. Many videos have multiple soundtracks available, usually a stereo track as well as a surround track. If there are multiple audio tracks listed, look for one designated as surround.

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If you don't see a surround track, but you do see multiple audio tracks, you may need to try each one to see which is the surround track. Generally speaking, iTunes supports playback of surround sound, though it's important to note that most music and TV shows available from the iTunes Store don't contain surround information.

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However, movies that are purchased or rented usually do include surround information. It's important to note that your Mac just passes the surround info — it doesn't decode the channels, so your AV receiver must be able to handle the surround encoding most AV receivers can do this without a hitch. By default, iTunes will always try to use the surround channel when available, but you can make sure by starting the movie, and then selecting the speech bubble icon located at the bottom right of the playback controls. Before you start, you need to have the surround speakers or AV receiver already connected to your Mac and configured correctly.

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Fine-tune existing surround material Adjust existing 5. Flexible, intuitive interface Halo Downmix provides a highly creative solution for precise downmixing of 7. Your browser does not support the video tag.

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Top features: Ultra-realistic surround sound from mono up to 8. This can be done using the upmix feature or the built-in panning mode. Extensive channel movements and setup of single sources Each input channel can easily be edited. Distant-dependant adjustment of loudness and timbre To create immersive mixes faster, Anymix lets you automatically change gain and shelf EQ according to the distance of the audio channel to the listener.

This can be used to create a sense of distance without automating the parameters in your DAW.