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Have you heard of the Santa Clara Principles? We support the spirit and goals of the Santa Clara Principles as a critical contribution to the discussion of how platforms can ensure that user rights are respected and valued. We look forward to continuing to engage with diverse communities and experts on these issues. On June 19, , the enslaved African-Americans in Galveston, Texas, finally learned the news that they were a free people, nearly three years after President Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

As part of our Educate. Whether it be a follow, sharing their work, or even buying their products, check them out! This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Feel free to use Tumblr Pride to share other artists that we should support. Milo of Milomars is a queer trans artist and plant enthusiast working out of the Boston area. Through art, I have been able to discover what type of person I am, as well as what I want my art to represent for me. I was able to find comfort in my identity and in my trans-ness through my work. Browse his collection of handmade products here.

Bronwyn is an animator and painter known for her iconic work Lesbian Last Supper, and Sarah is a writer and artist who is also a Jeopardy! Check out their prints, shirts and pins over here. Cat Frazier of AnimatedText is a proud Black queer woman, also known as the internet meme queen. It also helps me process anxieties, and connect with other people. Looking for the perfect baseball cap to say it how it is? Head over here! Kylie is the creator of TransGirlNextDoor , where she shares comics about her life as a trans girl in her 20s.

Want more? Of course you do!

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Here you go! Designer, developer, and illustrator Topher is based in Chicago and loves to makesomethingawfuleveryday. Art has helped me investigate and come to terms with my own identity. Grab some of his work here.

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Make a post and use the tag Tumblr Pride to tell us how. Milo is a queer, trans illustrator, and a plant enthusiast—he only lives with about 70 plants—based in Massachusetts. His work mostly focuses on body positivity, queer issues and relationships, while almost always incorporating plant friends.

Thank you! Being queer is a big part of my identity. When I was growing up, I rarely, if ever, saw queer love in movies, tv shows, museums. I wanted to make art that showcased and provided a sense of queerness that I was missing in traditional art and media. Who do I want to reach out to with my art?

Representation in art, media, music etc. I was really excited to share my work with HuffPost for Pride. Post art and be proud of it. Also, tag your art properly. This is important because tags allow you to reach a whole new audience. Build your community by reaching out to other artists. This will open doors to new friends, new experiences, and even good advice. Lastly, keep practicing! You are doing great, and regardless of where you are right now, you can get to where you want to be.

You and your art are important. I used to use specific terms but found that the more I kept growing and changing, the more my identity and how I referred to myself changed. Sometimes labels feel like small knives to me. The more I slap on a label, the more I feel obligated to stick within the confines of that label. But for me, the word Queer resists definition. More importantly, this is a term that was taken back from those who used it to hurt people like myself—and which has since been reclaimed by a growing number of people.

Tumblr, who are some other artists we should look into?

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Trans and queer people have historically been leaders of organizing work, and that is no different today. We know that across the South, as well as nationally, jails and courthouses are full of Black people. Our campaign is directly addressing this problem, which is one of the main difficulties that Black and poor communities face in the South. This is where we pay bail for Black mamas and caretakers whether cis, trans, or GNC , and celebrate their return to the community—because we recognize that our communities suffer without them. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to be transformed in the service of the work.

I am proud of my organization because our members are leading the way in communities across the region—getting skilled up, and hungry to do better. Even if our work is not directly credited, you can see it across the whole of the South, and that makes me extremely proud. The South gonna hold it down.

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Thank you SONG for holding it down and representing your community. Tumblr, how are you supporting organizations during Pride ?

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Use the tumblr pride to share. You might have heard of Corey as she was the first Transgender prom queen in the nation. We got to catch up with the model and activist about the importance and visibility of trans people. The script we created was recently optioned by Red Crown Productions, and we are very excited to be making this into a soon-to-be seminal feature film with them. For me, a vagina meant being a woman.

But that is not the case for everyone, nor does it have to be. Contrary to popular belief, genitals do not define a man or woman—your soul-being does. Milk offers a distraction-free reading experience to suit to your taste. And it looks great in full screen.

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Tumblr Launches First (Yosemite-Only) Desktop App

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