Double clicking on mac not working

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Thank you so much, all of the other solutions were not working for me until I found this here is a tip btw If you start up your game and there is no music wait until you hear the menu theme and then you will know it is safe to click the menu music would'nt play until I clicked and then the problem would occur hope it helps! Thank you again. Panteraa View Profile View Posts. Wow this actually worked for me. Thanks Alot! It worked!

I found a solution for my macbook:Locking the screen and unlock after this problem occurs. Then enter the running game from the table. It works!!! C View Profile View Posts. The boy is a genius! David Jones David Jones view profile. I slowed it down two or three ticks and it is working better. Ed Marquez view profile. Vote 0.

Answer by Ed Marquez Ed Marquez view profile.

Solved: double click refuses to work

Good luck. Arokon82 Arokon82 view profile.

2. Check Relevant Settings

I started to have the issue as soon as I got the new mouse, and it went away when I reverted back to my cabled mouse. Anyone have a solution? Richard Allen view profile. Answer by Richard Allen Richard Allen view profile.

Double-click Intermittently Works in Cubase 9 / macOS -

Same issue for me. DJ view profile. Answer by DJ DJ view profile. Same issue for me on and with Magic Mouse. Daniel Schinkel view profile.

Answer by Daniel Schinkel Daniel Schinkel view profile. Friedemann Bunjes view profile. Answer by Friedemann Bunjes Friedemann Bunjes view profile. Edited by Friedemann Bunjes Friedemann Bunjes view profile. Resolved it by.

Matlab 2016a and higher: Mouse double click does not work

Opportunities for recent engineering grads. Unless you have a source of micro switches and can solder real well. Any priest or shaman must be presumed guilty until proved innocent. Don't do anything other than try another mouse. As cradom suggests it is probably the mouse itself. Having said that i would not suggest a Magic Mouse, they are overly expensive and have their own problems. Try a Microsoft mouse, I'm using a Microsoft Sculpt bluetooth mouse and have been for two years now, but they all break eventually.

I used to be conceited but now I'm perfect. And in case anyone's wondering, I'm on my second Razer mouse.

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The first one lasted about 8 years. They're a tad expensive but well worth it. Originally Posted by Rod Sprague. I have several of those Logitech M mice that I've used for ages, and unfortunately as has been suggested, their micro switches can and do go goofy.

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IMHO, Apple does not make a proper mouse that works for me. Originally Posted by pm-r. OK, well, wireless mice still work fine with the disadvantage of the lost USB port.

As for reverting to Mavericks it is only available if you "purchased" it before. In which case it will be in Previous Purchases. If you created a. If your DVD is not listed it will not work. An installer must be capable of booting the device in order to install an Operating System.