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Many services such as Google Drive and Microsoft Office have apps that allow you to draft and edit files on the cloud from your browser. We evaluated several factors when choosing which cloud services to recommend. We wanted a mix of services that specialized in backup as well as general storage. While many of these services can also be used online file sharing or web hosting, we have separate review categories for those specific type of services. Other important features we looked for include:.

Speaking as a guy who spent a decade in the hosting industry, unless security and privacy are core services you provide that your customers pay you for, I would wholeheartedly recommend the cloud. Maintaining your own infrastructure, fighting the daily fights against intrusions and DDoS attacks, upgrade and version control management, not to mention recruiting and staffing and overhead costs - all these are expensive and complicated. Significant ROI needs to exist to justify taking them Have you tried OnlyDomains. Based in NZ. I love their service for International domains in particular.

I would use NameCheap for North American domains mainly, but for the internationally domains, OnlyDomains is quite good. I would also suggest the use of some free cloud services such as: 1. Trello - to hold documents 2. GoSpaces or SquareSpace - to build the website 4. I agree with Michael, especially as I write about the benefits of cloud computing for small businesses. I would only caution any small business owner to verify their cloud or cloud app provider has the experience to build a secure and stable environment. Ask who is hosting many start-ups host on Amazon for example , do they have redundancy, what security is in place, do they have a phone number to call if you have a problem one of my beefs is companies who hide their contact information for There are professionals running businesses the old fashion way and are still productive.

Some don't see the savings or effectiveness of going to the cloud. Few other people, even me, when we travel to areas we are not sure about internet connectivity, having our own software programs makes a difference. Sometimes there are organizations that simply are not ready for the move. They have not dedicated the time for it, have no resources in place, and find their businesses rules, performance and CrashPlan for Small Business is an easy-to-use solution for data protection and backup. Running silently in the background, it ensures all your business's data is protected from disasters or attacks.

Customizable and accessible, this backup service is a great choice for small businesses that need a simple solution. Storage Guardian is a cloud data protection service that features enterprise-level backup features, including large storage capacities, advanced retention policies and bare metal recovery.

This software-as-a-service platform supports hybrid systems for faster recovery in the event of an internet outage. It can also backup virtual machines and several other cloud storage and file sharing platforms including Microsoft Office and Google Drive. Acronis is one of the largest developers of backup software.

As such, you can expect a high level of thought put into every aspect of Acronis Backup. The platform comes with a suite of backup and restore tools that you can tailor to your physical, virtual and cloud networks. Amazon Drive is a cloud service that lets you store virtually any file type with no limitations on file size. Learn more about this cloud service here.

For businesses needing more storage, control and administrative features with their backup, Backblaze offers a robust platform optimized for Mac. See where it ranks among the best server backup software here. Barracuda lets you make your data backup as secure and redundant as you like. Carbonite lets you customize your backup solution, with a variety of combinations for redundancy.

Sharefile has a desktop file sync feature, which helps get files to the cloud. Once on the cloud, Sharefile allows users to send encrypted emails and transfer files without any concerns about a potential privacy breach.

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Built for cloud backup, CloudBerry Lab provides a managed backup option for IT service providers as well as a different backup option for corporate and personal users. The service has over , users, according to its website. Egnyte is a business-focused cloud storage platform complete with file sharing and collaboration tools, making it a comprehensive, all-in-one service. Egnyte includes sophisticated administrative controls for management and IT. The backup aspect of the platform allows you to set it up as a hybrid system for redundancy and the best protection. Get Backup Pro is a Mac backup application.

You can back up all of your data, including templates that help you back up your iTunes, Mail, Contacts, Documents and Photos. Jungle Disk offers a variety of services, including military grade encryption on its cloud storage. File storage and backup is at the heart of IDrive, a cloud service focused on keeping your files safe. Mozy is a solid choice in business cloud storage, with strong customer service and security. OneDrive for Business offers online backup for any Microsoft Office program with file-sharing and collaboration features. Learn more. R1Soft Server Backup Manager acts as a stand-alone online backup system for your business.

SpiderOak protects users from data loss by providing a backup service focused on security. SpiderOak's products use end-to-end encryption. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage aims to share an affordable and easy-to-use with businesses. Speed and performance are also focal points of the company's mission.

Zoolz is a cloud backup service that offers multiple backup setups and plans. This service has both an instant storage cloud and a cold storage option for long-term archiving. You set up a plan to include both options, as well as a hybrid system with your on-location storage. Zoolz also provides an impressive feature set for specialized industries. BackupVault helps protect your data.

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The product provides automatic and encrypted UK-based cloud backup solutions to businesses ranging from small business and schools to larger corporate clients. DealRoom offers several different features, including project management and cloud storage capabilities. Mega Limited offers four different cloud storage plans that vary based on your storage needs. Features include a live encrypted backup, end-to-end encryption and secure global access.

Accounting Finances Financial Solutions Funding. Finance Human Resources Marketing Technology. Best Picks. Featured Sponsor. Small Business. Long-Term Storage. Hybrid Backup. Mac Backup. Virtual Backup. CrashPlan Featured Sponsor One of the most comprehensive small business backup solutions available, CrashPlan for Small Business delivers unlimited cloud storage, unlimited file version restoration and top-notch security. IDrive Best for Small Business IDrive is a hybrid cloud backup service with online storage, file-syncing and file-sharing capabilities. Egnyte Best for Collaboration Egnyte is professional cloud storage, file sharing and collaboration platform with plenty of business-centric features.

Zoolz Best for Archiving and Long-Term Storage Zoolz offers an affordable long-term or cold storage solution that also works to protect the rest of your data. Is the backup software provided easy to set up and use? Does it make backups easy to perform, by offering features like automatic and continuous backup?

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Which platforms are supported? Which mobile operating systems? Every solution we cover is available for both Mac and Windows. Many of them also offer mobile backup, or file access for mobile iOS and Android. The cost of online backup varies considerably among providers, and business plans in particular can become quite expensive.

There is no compelling reason to venture outside of the lower end of the scale.

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Visit the Official Backblaze Site to sign up or our detailed Backblaze review to learn more. For most people, Backblaze is the most affordable online backup service out there, and in addition offers unlimited storage, an easy-to-use app, and totally automatic backups. I found it very easy to set up—I just needed to provide an email address and password to create an account. It makes the choice for you though you are able to tweak its choice in a limited way , and backs up everything it considers important.

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Though I was warned that the first backup could take days or weeks, initial progress was very fast. It may take two hours or so for the app to notice and back up your changes. This is one area where iDrive is better—it uploads changes almost instantly. Another is that iDrive keeps previous file versions forever, while Backblaze only keeps them for four weeks. That makes the app more useful to people with multiple computers. Just back them all up locally to a drive connected to your main computer, and Backblaze will store that backup in the cloud too. While they claim to never save your key to disk, and to discard it once it is used, several of their competitors never require you to do this.

But it only includes GB. Each additional GB costs about the same again, and many larger businesses will find this reasonable value for unlimited users, computers and servers. You also may find the initial backup is performed a little faster. Visit the Official iDrive Site to sign up or our detailed iDrive review to learn more. Some users will find this a benefit, and PCWorld agrees. The other factor that distinguishes this app from our winner is the amount of storage available.

But you are not limited to a single computer—iDrive will allow you to use this space to back up every computer and device you own. This is where you need to make a choice. Do you want unlimited storage, or to back up an unlimited number of computers? No online storage service offers both in the same plan. Like Backblaze, iDrive is easy to use and backs up your data automatically, including any attached hard drives.

In addition, it offers a file sync service and disk image backup. And it keeps the last 10 versions of each file forever. Another online backup solution that allows a single user to back up multiple computers but at a higher cost is SpiderOak , which is also our pick for best backup solution when security is the priority. We cover it below. Carbonite also offers a plan for unlimited computers. SpiderOak costs more than double what Backblaze and iDrive charge for online backup.

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Like iDrive , it will back up all of your computers and devices, and also sync your files between them. When you have something worth protecting, privacy and security are everything. Your data is yours, and should always be in your control.

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Encryption should not sacrifice usability. We have No Knowledge of your password, any data stored on our servers, or the metadata associated with your files. SpiderOak One is similar to iDrive in many ways. But it costs more than both of those services.

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In fact, more than twice as much. While they will cost you more, they may be still worth considering if they offer what you need. Here are a number of competitors. The Mac version has significant limitations, for example, it does not offer versioning or a private encryption key. They offer a range of plans that include unlimited backup for one computer and limited backup for unlimited computers.

You do not want to lose important documents, holiday photos, or carefully curated music collections and should therefore create local backups or make use of practical online services just in case you experience a system crash. Backing up data on the internet has several advantages:. In recent years, the amount of online backup service providers available has increased. In order to know which of these providers is the right one for you, we will present several, highlight their advantages and disadvantages , and compare the different providers.

You can choose between different packages, making it suitable for private use, as well as for businesses. Since the servers are located exclusively in Germany, the data centers also comply with strict German data protection regulations , some of the most advanced in the world. It is also possible to access any kind of file, such as Word, Excel and audio and video files. Based in Europe, HiDrive secures your data in the cloud so you can easily access it from any device. Instead, you select the different packages according to how many and which devices you want to back up.

This means that the offer starts with one computer, then several computers, up to complete servers. Carbonite also offers even greater safety for major customers. Carbonite provides software for Mac and Windows so that online backups can be created smoothly and automatically. The program automatically looks for newly created files within folders that have been added to the monitoring. There are also apps for iOS and Android that you can use to perform your data backup on the Internet. Blackblaze also imposes no limits on its users — neither in storage , nor in file size.

The vendor has software that either constantly monitors your computer and takes note of all changes directly, or works according to a schedule that you set yourself. This automatically includes all files in the system, so you do not need to specify what you want to back up beforehand. A two-factor authentication system is also built in. Two special features make Blackblaze stand out: on the one hand, there are the self-built memory modules called Storage Pods. With the Storage Pods, the company creates their own hardware.

The blueprints are open source and are freely available in the Blackblaze blog. Netflix, for example, has also started to build its memory storage units along the lines of Blackblaze. On the other hand, Blackblaze stands out from the cloud backup provider crowd with its method of data recovery. Of course, you can download your data as usual, but Blackblaze also offers to send you data in the form of a GB flash memory or a 4 TB hard drive. Despite what the name might suggest, IDrive has no affiliation with Apple products.

The US-based company offers users a backup plan that can cover all devices with just one package. However, the required storage capacity for this needs to be selected in advance. In the private sector, you have the choice between 2 and 5 TB. In the unlimited free version, each user already has 5 GB at their disposal. Large amounts of data can be stored on an external device that IDrive sends to users without burdening their internet connection.