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Diablo I is available for Mac OS X (Intel):

Indie , Casual. Indie , Casual , Gore , Violent. Casual , Action , Indie. Simulation , Indie. I assume you've already played Nethack, Moria, and Angband. Have you tried Zangband or T. For those that don't know, these games are the same basic style of diablo, but are text-based or graphical text-based if you consider ascii maps graphics.

Diablo 2 Free Download (PC) + Lord of Destruction Expansion

Short on graphics, long on depth of play. Most versions don't have an action-element however, and that's something you'll miss from Diablo. Though there are multi-player Angband variants that aren't as turn-based as the rest. Has Blizzard ever mentioned t. The fact that there is a small market for this game due to it being old and this installer is for a small portion of users is irrelevant. It creates a good image of the company and also gives them an idea of how to do it in the future.

It shows they care about the customers which creates satisfaction much like Google does , even if it isn't used by everyone. Shortly before the 1. It may have waned a bit since then now that the patch has been out a while, but it's apparently still popular enough for them to think it's worth supporting. Diablo II is several years old, still a top seller Score: 2. Unlike other older games people still play Diablo II and Starcraft. Go on to Battle. Even though it was several years old at the time Diablo II was the 5 best seller last Summer. Can you play Diablo II multiplayer over a lan with a pc?

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If it doesnt I dont care. Im fed up of games that are ported to the mac, but not compatible with the same game on a PC played over a direct LAN connection. Im not a programmer I know, I know We use LOD 1. The number one reason ported games do not have compatible networking is the original maker used MS's proprietary networking code instead of open standards or their own code.

Improve Diablo 3 Performance in Mac OS X

MS has not ported these to the Mac. While a development team could probably reverse engineer it, you can bet MS would lay the smackdown on them.

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MS wouldn't necessarily lay the smack down, nor might they have grounds to do so. If, by some stroke of the imagination, a gaming company chose to steal MS's code, or take the proprietary libraries and reverse engineer those, MS would be within their rights to throw the compulsory hissy fit. However, a game maker is going to know two very important things when it comes to the data being sent over the wire: 1 The input data is being generated by their own software i.

All of Blizzard's games have had cross-platform multiplayer. Even Warcraft II could use the same maps on both platforms. If you're fed up I wonder what games you've been playing because they obviously aren't any of Blizzard's. Assuming you're a Mac person and you've never gotten any of Blizzard's games which have always been available cross platform, I question whether you're a gamer at all. I only own 2 games for my mac Quake 3 and Warcraft 3. Both of those are networkable with PCs.

But I won't make that statement with having played every networkable mac game. All Blizzard games let Windows and Mac play Im fed up of games that are ported to the mac, but not compatible with the same game on a PC played over a direct LAN connection Obviously you don't play Blizzard's games on a Mac. Their save game files are compatible and can be moved from one platform to the other.

Their Mac products are not missing companion programs like map editors and such.

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Diablo 1 update please? I wish they'd do an update for Diablo 1, in many ways it was more fun than D2. Re:Diablo 1 update please? Thus I will never again b. Unless Diablo 2 is a real 3D game unlike Diablo, you could probably run it in a virtual machine ala vmware and you can suspend that whenever you want as long as you use Win I don't really mind having to run it in Classic mode, but what bugs me is that I haven't managed to get it to work with a disk image yet D2 works fine with one though.

Argh, it's my laptop, I don't want to have to haul CDs around with it I've seen desperate game news before Score: 5 , Funny. But really, PlanetDiablo has a set of screenshots of the installer in action. I want to see screenshots of Doom III's desktop icon! Re:I've seen desperate game news before Score: 2. They ported the actual game to OSX a long time ago. They posted screenshots of the installer because thats what they released.

Re:I've seen desperate game news before Score: 1. Re:I've seen desperate game news before Score: 5 , Interesting. Linux compataibility Score: 1 , Interesting. Re:Linux compataibility Score: 2. Wrong, it couldn't possibly be more far than that, for starters by Linux I assume you mean "Linux on a x86", so already you have a different arch.


Re:Why own a mac Score: 2. Grab your stuff while you still can. Overview User Reviews Specs. A full list of changes can be found here. What do you need to know about free software? User Reviews.

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