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The application requires no installation process.

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Connect the USB flash drive that needs to be formatted to your computer. Select the drive in Device column. Which file system should you choose when formatting USB drive? Select Format options.

5 Free Tools To Format A Hard Drive (OR A USB Drive) Easily

You can tick Quick Format , which takes only several minutes or even a few second to complete the USB drive formatting. Should you choose quick format on HP format tool? On the other hand, if you untick Quick Format, you are performing a full format on the flash drive, which will delete all data on the drive and overwrite the storage space with zero.

How to Format Your USB Flash Drive to exFAT?

This makes it more difficult to recover files from the formatted USB drive. Moreover, a full format will scan the whole volume for bad sectors, which could take hours depending on the storage size.

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To conclude, if you would like to recover files after formatting the drive, tick quick format and see if your USB drive is fixed after formatting; if you would like to remove everything on the drive to get rid of virus and fix problems on the drive, you should not select Quick Format on the HP USB format tool.

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Format USB Flash Drives For Mac (#1279)

Got it! Provide quick format.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - Download & Fix USB Flash Drive

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies. Paragon Disk Wiper for Mac allows to create a bootable USB-flash drive or external hard drive that will help you to completely erase a whole hard disk, a separate partition or just clean free space.

After booting your Mac with the bootable media you will be able to use Wipe Wizard to irreversibly remove your confidential data.

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Paragon Disk Wiper for Mac supports all Intel-based Macs, providing the possibility to quickly and efficiently sanitize the hard disks in order to protect valuable business information and also because there is, in the most countries, a legal obligation to do so. Irreversibly destroy all on-disk data in compliance with major national government and military data erasure standards, as well as the most comprehensive academic wipe algorithms, thus providing maximum level of security US DoD Create your own wipe algorithm with minimal effort — define up to 4 wiping patterns, number of passes for each wiping pattern and for the group of patterns, thus resulting in over possible number of passes.

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Be well-informed about the results of the wipe operation to verify when wipe operations have been successfully accomplished. Enjoy support of a wider range of hardware configurations with the option to add drivers for specific hardware on-the-fly. Creates a bootable wiping media in a few clicks Ten different disk sanitization algorithms Wiping SSD Wipe exactly what you need - hard disks, separate partitions or free space Wipe data even if your Mac fails to boot.

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