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Besides the fact that graphics output is done using a decidedly not powerful Intel integrated GPU, the RAM where it stores and processes the graphics is shared with the main CPU, something that results in bottlenecks. This is unavoidable, given the architecture. Best you can do to offset the effect is maxing out the RAM as much as your wallet will allow.

MapleStory M For PC (Windows & MAC)

In spite of what Apple says. Apr 25, AM in response to matty In response to matty I play or have played the games you mention on a baseline MacBook Air, which sports a whopping 2 gigs of RAM, a far inferior integrated graphics card to yours, and much less hard drive space 64 gigs. I play these games just fine on lowest settings and get decent framerates. For the record, I have also installed and successfully played Guild Wars 2 on it.

Naturally, my 15 inch MacBook Pro that I've outfit with an SSD drive and maxxed the RAM blows it out of the water in terms of framerates and higher settings, but the game is certainly playable on the Air. I'm confident that any flavour of Mac built within the last couple of years will have no problem running Blizzard games. How well it runs largely depends on the unit. Obviously, the models with dedicated cards are going to outperform, but the integrated cards are getting really decent these days.

I think gaming is this is the one area Apple has downplayed in its' computer line far too long. They are certainly capable of doing it, and the popularity of gaming has risen substantially. In terms of wrecking your computer That said, I think it's safe to say that games are no more or less "harsh" on your system than these activities unless you abuse your system intentionally. Apr 25, AM.

Question: Q: Will gaming wreck my macbook pro or slow it down? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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Ask a question. User profile for user: matty matty Question: Q: Question: Q: Will gaming wreck my macbook pro or slow it down? Most you'll find is probably around 10x or so I think? Not sure how much of a grindfest they are though. Development v40 Beta Edition Development v True Member Rank. Maybe if people understand, people, like me, would be motivated to fully understand it and find a compatibility. Even it means remaking the whole client it does lol , then it's still a start.

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Re: MapleStory Mac Servers. Originally Posted by Eric. The only Mac Client MapleStory server version you can play is v62, as that was all that was ever ported. Originally Posted by topkek. I never noticed, they never advertise it.

Mac Compatible MOBAs

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[MS] How To Play MapleStory M On Your PC/Mac!!! Save That Cell Phone Battery!! [MapleStory M]