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Question: Q: Question: Q: That went pretty well considering, but now my Magic Mouse doesn't touch scroll any more, which I really got used to.

Fix: Enable Momentum Scrolling For A Magic Mouse

My machine is a PowerPC G5 3. I remember when I first got this mouse, I had to download a driver from Apple to get it to touch scroll, but the only driver I can find will only work with At some point in the past, I seem to remember downloading a Combo Update, so this new version of If anyone can let me know if I have to load a combo, or can point me to the correct driver, or both, that would be appreciated. More Less.

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Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. Not sure if there may be another update available via Software Update in the Mac.

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If one of the other updates from Apple were older than the date for this download, then maybe this is the correct one. Hopefully this helps View answer in context.

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How to identify your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad

That's the download I was looking for. Apple has not commented on when you'll be able to grab The not-so-good news: You still can't buy a Magic Mouse separately in an Apple retail store and the online Apple store says only "Ships: business days. I've been calling and visiting Apple stores across Massachusetts--my home state--since the Magic Mouse was initially unveiled, and a number of my friends and colleagues in states across the U.

S have followed suit. I've heard a number of different responses from Apple reps to my questions about Magic Mouse availability, ranging from the simple "No idea.

We'll put it on the shelves as soon as we have it," to the frustrating "We're not selling it until the software update's available," and right on down to the confusing "As soon as the website says 'now shipping' you can buy it. But it seems strange that the software update would be available without the corresponding product.

Apple releases Magic Mouse software updates for Leopard, Snow Leopard | Macworld

You'd think Apple would've stocked its stores with mountains of Magic Mouse units, so it could begin peddling them as soon as humanly possible. I understand that announcing a product and then giving the public some time to digest the news and build up some demand could be part of Apple's sales strategy--and, if that's the case, I guess it's working because I'm basically writing a story about how anxious I am to buy a mouse.

But I'm frustrated and tired of talking to Apple "Geniuses" who can't answer my simple availability questions. You can bet I'm not alone in that regard.