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Setting default views and sort orders can help keep things consistent and easier to use. Which folder view do you like the most or do you use different ones like Icon view for photos and List view for documents? For more on Finder, check out how to customize folder icons or how to use Smart Folders. How to set the default view and sort order for a folder on Mac Sandy Writtenhouse on February 12, 0.

Open Finder and navigate to your folder 1 Select your preferred view for the folder from the toolbar, whether its Icon, List, Column, or Gallery. Bottom: A pictures folder, in column view, arranged by date added. In icon view, the icons under each heading appear in a single row , scrolling off endlessly to the right. Use the usual sideways-scrolling gesture to flip through a row. That is, swipe to the left on a trackpad with two fingers, or with one finger on a Magic Mouse.

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It gives you four different ways to find them:. Choose one of the criteria from the submenu. Marvel as the Finder puts your files into tidy categorized groups. Pretty cool, actually. Choose from the icon. This icon appears in the toolbar of every Finder window. It contains the same options listed in the previous bullet. Right-click or two-finger-click an empty spot in an icon-view window; choose from the Arrange By shortcut menu.

Remember, arranging clumping is not sorting. You can, in fact, sort the icons differently within each arranged group; read on. You can even sort by different criteria. For example, you might have the programs in your Applications folder arranged by Application Category but sorted alphabetically within each category. Choose one of the criteria: Name, Size, and so on. While pressing the Option key, click the icon. Right-click or two-finger click an empty spot in an icon-view window. Press the Option key.

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In the View Options palette, use the Sort By pop-up menu. Hey, guess what? In icon view, you get an additional option: Snap to Grid. This option appears only if Arrange By is set to None.

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Use either the View menu or the View Options window right to turn on permanent cleanliness mode. You can, however, control how tight or loose that grid is, using the Grid spacing slider described on Browse in icon view. Icons never snap to the grid. If both Arrange By and Sort By are set to None, then you can go nuts, freely dragging icons into sloppy, off-the-grid positions. These same commands appear in the shortcut menu when you right-click or two-finger click anywhere inside an icon-view window, which is handier if you have a huge monitor.

If you press Option, then the Mac swaps the wording of the command. Clean Up changes to Clean Up Selection, and vice versa. Icons always snap to the grid. Just click the desktop before using the View menu or the View Options dialog box. Each time you click inside a window, the View Options dialog box remains in front, changing to reflect the settings of the window you just clicked. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

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Icon Previews. Tip If you Option-click the little and buttons on a PDF, PowerPoint, or Keynote icon preview, you jump to the first or last page or slide in the document. Icon View Options.

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Always open in icon view. Arrange by : This drop-down menu allows you to select how icons in the folder will be arranged. There is also a Snap to Grid option that will force icons to conform to a grid. With Snap to Grid turned on, any time you drag and drop an icon it will automatically move to the closest grid point.

Background : There are three background options: White, Color, or Picture. White is the default, and the background most people choose to use. If you select Color , a color well small rectangle will display. Click on the color well to use the Color Picker to select the color of your choice for the background. If you select Picture , you can use any image on your Mac as a background for the Finder window.

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Before you get carried away, be aware that using a background picture will slow down the opening and moving of Finder windows, because your Mac must redraw the picture every time the folder moves or changes size. If you click this button by accident, you may not be pleased to discover that every Finder window has a strange color background, really small or large text, or some other parameter that you changed.

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