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Just wanted to point out that hardened Tri-speed MACs are also available on the Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 silicon platforms, they're not new to Virtex I just started to work with the ML yesterday. I tried to implement the Eth Mac wrapper. There are some missing information from your explanation, i've tried so far to implement as well but I don't know how to manage the data and some handskaing signals.

Can you show us how you put the data to your core. It will be better to make available your vhdl design code if it is possible.

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This helps, but for those of us who are still new to FPGAs, it would really help if you could post all of the project files. That is, a complete example would be the ultimate reference. It is employed to extend the space between your USB 2.

Simple Communication with FPGA Device over Ethernet Interface

Thanks Satnam! A complete example would be much better. Keep in mind that it is active-low.

After resetting the controller, the LEDs start blinking it's aliiive! Good luck! Gareth says:. February 11, at am.

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John says:. April 26, at am. Dave says:. Dimwit says:. January 15, at am. USB 2. August 14, at pm. Star says:. | RocketIO and Gigabit Ethernet

Finally, the cadence LDV nc-sim is needed for simualtion. If you are using Rev 0. Rev 0. By the way, the Fifo depth can be set in this window. The default setting of Fifo depth is 9,which means that the fifo can contain words. All the registers will be list in following forms: Rev 0. The compiling and simulation output will be printed in the following windows: At first , a bash script will be invoked to compile the source file.

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If no any error occurred , the nc-simulator will be invoked to start simulation. When any error packet received , the simulator will stop and print the data of received error packet. In this window, you can change the description , stimulus and regvector of a testcase. One quanta time is equal to the time of transmit bit data.

Otherwise,the transmit state machine will detect collision ,perform random slot time back off , retransmit collision packet and some other half-duplex operations. If one packet collide MaxRetry times, this packet will be drop and never try again. You need repeat six times to write six bytes length target mac to prom.

When a byte of broadcast packet is received, the bucket will decrease 1. If the bucket is empty, the received packet will be drop until the bucket is refilled next time. For example, if the radio is 0.

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This function is used for test purpose. All clocks, clock domain passes and the clock relations should be described. Related Papers.