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Auto detection of client OS on the There is a different set of tools available Web client. We want When the Web client is opened in the to offer the user the right set of add-ons browser, we will now detect if the user. Buy more licenses — button in the This will give the administrator an Admin client. Guide was added as a feature. Remove the need for an administrator to eLearning user automatically created define and create users of the eLearning the first time an users tries to launch system. Deployment of Extensions for Mac OS.

Page 6 www. Pressing this button will launch SuperOffice Customer Service. C lick on the week number in the month calendar in the mini panel will navigate to calendar week view. Export to Excel button in appointment Makes it possible to export a list of — participants. A excel button is placed in the footer view in the participant tab in the appointment dialog. Page 8 www.

This can be used to specify different A new archive can be shown in the roles and contact points at the customer. Sales panel where you can see all It can be used to assign internal roles in stakeholders in this specific sale and the sale or keep track of subcontractors what role the have. Preference to activate Stakeholder Can be used to override visibility archive.

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Stakeholders archive per sale type. Depending on the type of sale you have, In the Admin client you can specify it may vary if you want to maintain a list what sale types that should have a of stake holders. Include stakeholder sales in sales This can be used to list sales where a archive on company card. A checkbox is added to the footer of the This can be a partner or subcontractor of sales archive in the company panel. This some kind.

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Stakeholders as objects in rights This makes it possible to manage matrix in Admin client access rights for users on stakeholders. In the role panel in the Admin client, a new line called Stakeholder is added to the data rights matrix. Page 10 www. Next Milestone on Project card A visible way of showing if the project A date field that shows the next are on track or not and the hyperlink will milestone follow-up connected to the open the linked appointment.

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The field project guide. Project status choices based on Show a project guide in a logical and project type intuitive way. The project status are connected to the project type field. Project guide based on project type The project type are saved to show the A project guide appears based on the project guide or not and based on this, settings for the project type. Project guide similar to sale guides With the project guide you will be able to A new archive for project guide with get a better overview of all the different suggested activities are added and activity types that are suggested to shows the project statuses visible the follow for the different project types.

Project guide — Milestone activities On projects there are often some Some follow-ups in the project guide milestones you need to reach before you are marked as milestones and are can continue the work on the project.

Project guide — Assign task to project There are often different people working members on a project and some follow-ups are Some follow-ups in the project guide get dedicated to other project members than a assign to dialog before creating the the project manager. Page 12 www. Removed a preference that is no longer in use. Performance on the Find dialog You get the result quicker when Better performance working with criteria searching for or through a large amount and result. Page 14 www. Reset button in the criteria archive You can now delete all your criteria and A button to reset the criteria to the build up a new set of stored criteria.

If default settings in the selected criteria you regret this change you can click archive. Move order of criteria When sorting your criteria you will be Up and down arrows to sort the criteria able to move the most used criteria on list. Splitter to adjust size of result list When you want to see more of the result A splitter between the criteria archive archive, you can move the splitter further and the result archive.

Page 16 www.

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New search criteria for Sale You can search for a specific sales role Stakeholders added on different sales. Added new criteria for fields from Sale Stakeholder archive.

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New search criteria for Project You can search for milestone activities Added new criteria for fields from and end date on project. Project and Project guide archive. Support for 64 bit version of Outlook Outlook was released in both bit and bit editions. We wanted to Using Mail Link with Outlook support both.

Support for Notes 8.


User Interface moved into mail client Provides a consistent UI and user- A new user interface for web and win, experience independent of client. Page 18 www. Customer Service.

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  4. Same client for web and win As a user, you should have the same Mail Link now fully supports the same features if you use the win or the web level of SuperOffice integration with client. Archive more than one mail in one go Eliminate feature-gap between win and The feature is now also available with web-integration. Archive Appointment from Outlook is Simplifying the dialog presented to the removed user. Screen shot New characteristics Creating tracked links within editor Motivation for change More user friendly process for creating When creating an eMarketing newsletter, newsletters with links.

    Improved screen for viewing links More user functionality. In the previous The screen for viewing an eMarketing version, some menu items were hidden link is now improved to properly show all for some statuses of a mailing, even possible actions. Improved screen for editing links It is now easier to see what a link The screen for editing an eMarketing link does action , and which response is now improved with a better layout.

    Improved link actions More powerful actions offers more The actions which can be executed flexibility when eMarketing mailings are when a recipient clicks a link has been used to get feedback into CRM. Most actions can now be specified in parallel. Page 20 www. The task react i.

    Mailing report Offering a better visual overview over When viewing an eMarketing mailing, we the status and result of an eMarketing now show a mailing report showing: mailing will improve the value of the tool. Choose recipients This new functionality will strongly A separate screen for choosing the improve the user control of the sending recipient selections. Allows choosing process. Also, it allows for resending the recipients before starting the mailing mailing to additional recipients without and offers better control of recipients.

    Support for using projects and selections. Static lists and single persons can be added directly. This screen can be used several times for a mailing, modifying the recipients. It is possible to send the mailing multiple times by adding more recipients. The list is also available after a lists immediately and create a list of mailing is done, as historical information.

    The user can then view the recipients and verify that they are correct. List single recipient This function makes it possible to verify Clicking on a recipient in the recipient that merge-variables, salutations, etc list will show how the merged email are correct for various recipients without will look for this particular recipient. Performance We wanted to improve the A lot of work has been put into improving responsiveness of the system.

    We have reduced database accesses, reduced execution times and reduced the amount of data transferred over the network.

    10 SEO Experts Reveal The Web Apps They Can’t Live Without

    Page 22 www. The new version has better looks, better functionality and more integrated menus. Dropdown with template variables in Improved user friendliness. It is easier editor to choose a template variable from a list In the editor it is now possible to open a rather than having to remember these dialog where you can choose template codes. Generic SMS Support We wanted to support more SMS The SMS functionality which was earlier gateway providers than today, without limited to two Norwegian providers can having to manually write the support for now be used against any known provider each one of them.

    It should be possible we supply a connector for.

    SSL Email support 7. SSL is a protocol for encrypting etc. This is especially a requirement network traffic. If you choose Shared computer and Next the wizard will continue without advising you to download Web Tools, as documents may be stored on the computer locally. In the next step, you will be asked to select the e-mail service that you would like to configure your SuperOffice CRM Online with. If you use Outlook E-mail client, simply select the Outlook icon and click Next. Now you will be able to download SuperOffice Web Tools.

    When the download is completed, run the downloaded file and click the Install button. When installed, click Close and Next to finish the installation. If the box does not pop up automatically, you can click on Inbox to start the configuration. When the program file has been downloaded, double-click on the file at the bottom of the web browser window to start the installation.

    If you are asked for your user name and password in order to install, type them in and click OK. Click Close in the web browser window in order to close the Web Tools wizard. Then, the following dialog box will appear:. Community Log in Lost password Register as user.