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To address an e-mail, you can also:. You can include a pre-defined text phrase or "signature" with each message. To include a signature, click on the Insert Signature button. You can define as many signatures as you like.

Configurin Incoming And Outgoing Email Servers On Mac For Optimum

See preferences for instructions on how to create signatures. The system will automatically every 60 seconds save unsent mail messages to the Drafts folder. Messages are automatically removed from the drafts folder when sent. The time of the last auto-save is displayed in the lower left of the compose window.

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To forward an e-mail message to another address, click on the Forward button. You can type in the name of the person or persons that you wish to send to, or select from your contacts. See Contacts. The envelope flap is in the "sealed" position, and it remains that way until you reply to it, or until you click on another message.

When you receive a message that has an attachment, a paper-clip icon will appear in the column to the left of the From field in the folder pane. In the header of the message there will a line that gives the name of the file, including the filename extension that is attached to the message. To access the attachment, click on it. When the attachment is an image, such as a file with a.

Optonline Outgoing Server

If the file is an executable. Optimum Online E-mail supports messages forwarded as attachments. These attachments are shown in the e-mail message as a link with the extension. There is no limit to the levels of messages that may be nested e. Controls are provided to allow you to navigate up one level or go back to the original message.

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The width of the From, Subject, Date and Size columns in the message list can be resizable by dragging the column divider. The messages may be sorted by clicking on one of the column headers.

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Clicking the column header again will toggle between ascending and descending order. You can also change the order of the From, Subject, Date and Size columns by simply dragging and dropping the column header to a new position. A vertical blue guide will appear when you've dragged the column header far enough to be repositioned.

It is as easy as drag and drop. Just select the message you would like to move by clicking on it with your mouse in the message list and drag it over to the folder you would like to store it in. Once that folder appears highlighted, you drop the message and you're done. You may select individual messages, a block of multiple messages next to one another or a number of separate messages. Search is located to in the top left panel above the E-mail folder list.

Incoming Mail Server

Simply enter your search criteria and click the search button. Your search results will be displayed in a new temporary folder called Search Results. This folder will remain available until you log out of Optimum Online E-mail. Expanded search options permit you to search different fields and folders. This will open automatically when you click on the search text field. Use the circle with the cross in it shown on the left of the "Search" field above to expand or close the expanded search options. To delete a message, either click on the "Trash" icon while the message is highlighted, or click and drag the message to the Trash folder.

Deleted messages remain in the Trash for 24 hours.

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If you'd like to permanently delete a message immediately, you can empty the Trash right-click the Trash icon and select Empty Trash , or individually delete the message while you are in the trash folder. The folder list consists of Systems folders and Custom folders. Custom folders, as the name implies, can be edited, deleted, and nested within other folders. Systems folders cannot be renamed, moved, or deleted. When you select a folder, the Message List will update with the currently selected folder's contents.

Folders provide a way to organize your messages. The number of unread messages is displayed beside any folder unless all messages are read. There are five system folders. And while you cannot delete, rename or move system folders, you may create as many additional custom folders as you like. To create a folder, click on the New Folder button at the bottom of the "E-mail" panel. A field labeled "Untitled.

Type the name that you wish to give to the new folder. All custom folders are created at the same level. Once you have created a new folder, simply drag and drop the folder into another folder to create a sub folder. To delete a folder, click on the Delete Folder icon while the folder you wish to delete is highlighted. You can sort the messages in any folder. Simply click on the column header of the section that you want to sort by e. To, Subject, etc. To reverse the sort order, for example, from Z to A, click on the column header again.

The Bulk Mail button will move your selected message s to the "Bulk Mail" folder for processing. There is also a preferences button under the folder list. Important: Not all e-mail services support the Request for Return Receipt feature. If you send a request to an e-mail address where the feature is not supported, the recipient will not receive your request. Click on your e-mail address within the Preferences window to display Account Preferences for that e-mail account. Note: External e-mail accounts do not have an auto-check interval.

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You must press the Check Mail button. You can create as many distinct signatures as you like to use in different types of messages. For example, you might have one signature that you use on professional correspondence and another for personal letters. To create a signature, click New Signature, name the signature in the left panel, and type the contents of the signature in the preview pane.

The name of the signature does not appear in the message; it's just a way for you to keep track of your signatures. When Automatically Insert Default Signature is checked, your signature will automatically appear when composing a message. When you have specified one or more signatures, they will appear in the Insert Signature menu at the bottom of an e-mail window. If you have not chosen to Automatically Insert Default Signature, use this menu to select and insert a signature.

I changed the server to pop. SSL and port incoming with password authentication. I can now finally send and receive email on my iPhone for my optonline account. Toggle navigation Email-settings. Wave Broadband Windstream. SSL: ssl Serverport: Choose Advanced and make sure the following information is correct:. SSL: none Serverport: mail. Restart your iPhone to finish the setup!

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iPhone - OptOnline mail setup

Code to add to my account 5 days ago. Just got new iPad. Cant get my emai 2 months ago.