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One more tip for older Macs is to turn off some of the visual animations. Sure, they look pretty, but who cares when your system is grinding to a halt?

Mac Running Slow? - 5 Ways How to Speed Up a Slow Mac

Definitely not the person using the Mac at that moment. So try turning off some of the worst offenders to make Mac run faster. In addition to this, the more large files are there on your drive, the slower your disk runs. A full hard drive creates multiple troubles: slow startup, slow Finder, and slow apps.

5 Ways to Speed up a Slow Running Mac

But as practice shows, rebooting your computer regularly does help boost its speed. It shuts down apps that work in the background and clears lots of caches accumulated by all your apps. CleanMyMac X is a professional Mac cleaning app. It will scan every inch of your system to find all the hidden system junk for easy, one-click removal. Download it for free and use the Smart Scan or System Junk modules to reclaim disk space in minutes.

Here’s How to Speed Up Your Mac

Preference panes are where your system widgets and macOS utilities are kept. Many third-party apps add their own widgets to your System Preferences. This creates an extra load for your macOS. The most common example is Flash Player that integrates with your macOS and, in some cases, causes software conflicts. Startup items are applications that launch automatically when you boot up your Mac.

Is your hard drive full?

When you minimize your startup items your Mac should boot faster and become more responsive. An easy way to get rid of extra startup items is to use CleanMyMac X. As requirements for apps and programs continue to grow, they consume a greater amount of system resources particularly memory and you gradually lose the quick, responsive performance that Mac systems are famous for. Identifying corrupt files or programs is important when applicable, however, slow performance usually has a far less sinister origin. Opening many apps at once occupies valuable and finite RAM resources.

Make YOUR MacBook Pro FASTER - 2018!

One of the benefits of upgrading your memory is that it increases the number of apps you can have open as you multitask, without noticing performance lag or stalling. You may be surprised to see how much memory is consumed by the apps you use every day! Each new tab is essentially like opening a new browser, and when you have more than ten tabs open, your memory and system resources are drained.

If you have web browsers or tabs open that you are no longer using, close them, because they will slow your system down. The cure for a slow Mac system is unlikely to be adding more software, as its speed is already reduced by what you have installed. If your system is at the edge of its limitations, this is a quick way to give it a little more breathing room. We all like to show off our photos by using them as a desktop wallpaper or screen saver, adjusting the settings so that the picture changes every 5 or 15 minutes.

However, to allow this to happen your system must allocate resources to accessing the photos, changing the desktop background, and loading the screen saver. In most browsers, the corresponding instruments are located within Settings in the History section. But it is even simpler to check it for the presence of unused but unclosed tabs.

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It would be a useful habit to close them every time just after using. The point is that OS X treats each desktop item as a window having own memory footprint. Just drag them to the Trash, then right-click on the Trash bin and select Empty Trash. So, if your machine becomes sluggish, additional RAM is relatively cheap and reasonable way to boost performance.

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