Pandora for mac os x 10.4

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I'm trying to run Pandora on my iBook… - Apple Community

After reading in MacWorld about creating a standalone video playback widget , I thought I could apply the same technique to create a Pandora radio widget that stays open all the time. I created a web clip in Safari, selecting the relevant portion of the Pandora site. Then I followed the directions in the MacWorld article also in this hint to enable the removal of widgets from Dashboard.

I then opened Dashboard and started dragging my Pandora widget around, and pressed F12 to close the Dashboard, which transferred the widget to the Desktop. The widget will now stay open whether Dashboard is running or not, and whether Safari is running or not.

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How to enjoy Pandora and Grooveshark from outside the U.S. {MAC OS X}

I have site specific browsers for Gmail and Google Voice that work very well. You can do it for Pandora, too. Mini Player Popup

Or just use PandoraBoy. Why reinvent the wheel?

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  • Assign a shell command to your favorite macOS text, graphics or resource editor. Browse your favorite Web site with a few keystrokes. If you use shell scripts to automate macOS applications, you may need to switch between, hide, show or quit applications. Need to launch an X11 application from Terminal but the X server isn't in front when you need it?

    Use appswitch to fix the problem. Or, if you'd like a version of the ps 1 utility which understands the concept of macOS applications, appswitch can help. Manage a lab of iMacs? Using a Mac display with software brightness control but without a light sensor?

    Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets

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