Someone like you mac miller rap genius

Fucked the fame, dropped an album.

Dipped with the recoupables. My hoodie up, hide my face cause I ain't not good enough. My bitch stay my bitch, so don't look. She keep that pussy tucked. Now things are looking up.

Is "Self Care" About Ariana Grande? Mac Miller's New Song After Their Split Addresses His DUI

Recommend the mescaline digesting your intestines. With intentions of a section? Heavens no, my head is high cause hell is cold. The bitch I'm smashing into fashion.

But I know the devil wear a leopard coat. Back when Johnny Carson was dicking down Dolly Parton. Beg your pardon this my third life. I'm parking on the turnpikes.

Everything we learned about Mac Miller's breakup with Ariana Grande on new album 'Swimming'

While he only vaguely alludes to his breakup in the song, he's more direct in his acknowledgment of his car crash, considering the vehicle involved was reportedly a Mercedes. Decoded: Miller is straightforward here about his relationship struggles, blaming the old adage of "loving too much" for his challenges.

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Wouldn't you rather get along? Decoded: Of all the songs on "Swimming," this track seems uniquely directed at Grande. There's a chance it's a gloomy ode to another woman, but there's a wistfulness that makes it seem as if Miller is rapping about love lost as he wonders why he and his counterpart can't just get along and — most tellingly — seems to reminisce about seeing an ex again after some time apart.

Decoded: Miller says it himself here — he's a lone wolf, capable of thriving alone, a common stance to adopt after a breakup.

Mac Miller: The Space Migration Sessions - Objects In The Mirror (with The Internet)