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You can download ffmpg pre-built for MacOS X as a stand-alone binary works with All you need to do is running that command in Terminal:.

What Is a WEBM File?

This will be very fast because -c copy means that ffmpeg is not converting anything here the video is not transcoded again! Just copying also means that this conversion has zero influence on quality as nothing is recompressed. You can even extract just the audio layer of a video to plain audio file without losing any quality e. If the chosen destination container cannot hold the data of the source file e.

If you're using ffmpeg, I've found this command works well as a compromise between filesize and quality:. You can control the quality of audio and video with -aq and -qmax respectively. The -threads parameter may be adjusted or completely omitted depending on how much system resource you want to commit to the encoding task. Learn more about Teams. Thanks for any help! Click on 'video codec' tab.

In the encoding parameters, the codec should be selected as 'VP8'.

MP4 to WEBM Converter

In the Audio Codec tab, 'keep original audio track' should be unselected. The Codec should be set to 'Vorbis' Click 'Save' important: select the destination file location and name. Click on browser, go to the folder you want the converted filename to go in, and enter the new filename. If you dont do this, VLC will not create your converted file well not in version 2. Conversion to.

Lower bitrate might be fine for smaller videos. In the Audio Codec tab, select 'keep original audio track' Click 'Save' select the destination file location and name. Click 'Start' to start the conversion. Do you get any specific error message?

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By "Apple" I meant their file-manager. It would not generate a preview-image from the file. Trying to play the video by double-clicking also resulted in an error message. Similarly, iMovie refused to open the file. Feb 6 '17 at There may be something peculiar about your source that makes it fail. Like I said, the command you gave below creates a more or less "legacy" video with bad quality.

Let me know what exactly fails and we'll figure it out. JakeGould 34k 10 10 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Mikhail T. I would recommend against using this codec. You could How to Ask a new question, including details on the video you created and your OS, then ping me and I'll have a look why it doesn't work. Medical School or Games Industry? With optional settings options, screen size, video bitrate, audio codec, frame rate and other file parameters can be changed. The converted file can be downloaded from the link at the program interface. The table below shows comparison between Online Converter and UniConverter originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate so that you can pick the one that best suit your requirements.

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The technological advancement definitely offers something new and interesting, but also confuses with a wide array of options. Same holds true when it comes to file formats. MP4 and WebM, being two popular formats, it is important to know the differences between the two so that you know which format to use in different situations. The table below shows differences between MP4 and WebM. Convert MP4 to Other Format 1.

How to convert any video file to MPEG format (iMovie) Mac & Windows

WebM is an open source and royalty free format while MP4 is non-free and is also patented. Moreover WebM has high bandwidth and is also supported by a number of browsers.


Videos in WebM format can be played directly without any need for plug-ins. Part 1. Allows batch conversion of MP4 to WebM format. Allows downloading videos from more than 10, sites in MP4 format and then convert them to WebM and other formats.

3 Best Free Video Converter Apps for Mac OS X

User-friendly and simple interface to convert MP4 to WebM format. Support customizing your videos using in-program editing tools like cropping, trimming, adding subtitles, and others.


Support transferring media files to a number of devices. Security Verified.