Mac os x port forwarding internet sharing

We are bridging after all. How do I do the reverse? I mean, I have a static IP and internet over the ethernet, and i cannot share it over wifi using standart internet sharing.


It just creates a wifi network with no internet. Any ideas? Think about you had a cable-router and connected to the OSX with an static IP , and you want to share it over wifi.. That should be simpler in theory. But that is just what internet sharing does and it actually should just work IMO. I would try to figure out the problem with tcpdump and netstat. These instructions could be paired down a lot.

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The box on both networks can be the router without a bridge. If wifi and wired were both on All comments are held for moderation; basic HTML formatting accepted.

Internet Sharing Setup - Mac

Aktuell Archiv Privacy. Senior Mull Twitter Github Twitch. Bridging a wireless and an ethernet network with OS X It's network settings are now like this: IP So I added: Network Netmask Gateway I could now ping from the windows box This is especially bad, since the extra hop is wireless. Fortunately you can also add static routes in windows using -p for a permanent route : route -p add Written on August 24, Medical School or Games Industry?

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