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No results. High-quality mechanical keyboard for Mac with durable and precise Cherry MX MX switches High-grade aluminum and matted plastic casing in a classy and professional design Multiple indispensable features, like n-key rollover, golden contacts, multi media keys and more Available with British, German, or US American key layout and with blue or brown switches. Wir haben daher Deine Auswahl angepasst.

Add to cart. Add to Wishlist Zum Wunschzettel Got a question? Cable length: 2m Dimensions: This product is assigned to these filters:. Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate This high-quality keyboard has no inscriptions on its keys and is available with brown and blue Cherry MX switches. Blank Keyboard This keyboard has no inscriptions on its keys - A perfect to impress your colleagues!

German layout. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical keyboard with gold contacts and multimedia keys. Choose between brown and blue Cherry MX switches, giving you that unique typing feeling. Just enter your email-address, choose a password and you can start to add products to your wishlist: eMail:. Repeat password:. Create Account.

Das Keyboard Professional Mac

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Just create one here: Create account. Enter coupon code H4X0R in the shopping cart to allow a discount. Email-Adresse: Abschicken. Your privacy is important to us! We respect your privacy. Therefore we have reduced the data collection on this website to a minimum. To enable us to evaluate which advertisements are well received by our customers, we evaluate them anonymously. We use cookies and a so-called Facebook pixel for this purpose. I replaced a nice non-mechanical, lit keyboard with a full set of keys including numbers. You could say I have a little bit of a vision challenge, and my main worry was that I would not be able to see the keys.

I was also worried about the noise, after reviewing some YouTube videos, but at the price I decided to take a chance. I am not a "MX key" aficionado, so take what I say with a grain of salt. First: the lack of lit keys for people with vision problems. The keys have very large, white, letters that are easy to see in all but the dimmest light. I am pleased with the visibility of Only 8 left in stock - order soon.

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Paul, MN. A great keyboard, very clacky a good thing! Probably not great if you need to be on the phone while typing. Very comfortable and reliable so far 2 months. This is a well-built mechanical keyboard; very clicky keys; and very solidly built.

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The product title claims it works for Macs, but many of the keys have to be re-mapped, and some alas, will just not work because the re-mapper does not have that feature. For instance, the media and volume controls under the Fn keys will work only when you hold the "fn" button. But who uses "fn" ever?

Materials & Build

There is no fn-lock, and even when "fn" is unselected in the Mac keyboard settings, it makes no difference. If you are using a Mac, the only way around this is to use another app that can re-map the keys. The best one I found is BTT better touch tool. Do not Really can't be beat for the price. The tactile feel is great just as good as Cherry MX blue or brown without the annoying click. The layout and form factor are almost perfect for my needs. A couple of very minor things: 1.

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I'll get used to it though. The extra set of WASD and arrow keys, while they feel fine, have almost invisible markings and aren't particularly attractive. The LED indicators for caps lock and scroll lock light up under the respective keys, but the keycaps are fully opaque and have no LED window -- so you're just seeing the reflection of a dim blue LED off of black surfaces between keys. I purchased this keyboard after having some great experiences with Filco and the Magestouch-2 keyboard for Windows PCs. Mechanical keyboards a elegant and really special. It has a lot of Mac only features.

It has the Media keys moved from above the keypad which it doesn't have over to the Left. This offsets the familar [Tab][CapsLock][Shift][Ctrl] keys towards the inner side of the main key area. And really takes a lot of getting used to.. The CODE keyboard is designed to be timeless — but modern and unobtrusive as well. We custom molded the case to be as minimalist as we could get away with.

This keyboard fits wherever you need it to go, and looks great doing it. We paid just as much attention to the bottom of the keyboard as we did the top.

Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac Mechanical Keyboard

Large rubber pads provide plenty of grip. We also added custom rubber coated flip out feet with matching angled rubber pads at the front.

Subtle 1mm programmable RGB LED indicator lights let you know when Caps, Num, or Scroll are locked without blinding you in the process, while keeping the case design clean and uncluttered. Now programmable so you can set your indicators to whatever color you want. A textured case surface resists fingerprints and hairline scratches, too. Powerful Macros - Launch programs, automate tasks, increase your productivity all from programmable hotkeys.

Program directly on the keyboard, no software needed. All this can be configured on the keyboard itself, take your programmed board with you. Lots of keyboards have multimedia keys , but almost none of them do it right. Either they require weird hand contortions to use, or they tack on a bunch of extra unnecessary buttons and knobs all over the keyboard in strange places. Our solution is more elegant. This configuration allows you to comfortably and logically access multimedia shortcuts with one hand — pressing Page Up to turn up the volume just makes sense.