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It took me a while to connect all the parts and finally create a ready-to-go product. In this series I will try to describe all the necessary steps I went through from compilation to creating the installer.

Install Xcode

The next step is to link all the dependencies such as Qt libraries etc. Theoretically this should be everything and our app should work but in the real world it is not so simple. Sometimes the DLLs are not linked properly or some components are trying to use the libraries from the operating system sometimes we want to provide the DLLs in order to not force users to install additional stuff themselves.

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It is really useful to run our application from the console. This will allow us to see all the errors and debug messages. Next we need to tell our application to use this library:.

Download the Qt SDK for OS X

Download and double-click this file to create folder demos This will compile the demo program with Free Pascal, creating an executable file with the same name. Tip: The compile script uses the compiler option -Fu.. To create a double-clickable application on OS X, you need to create an app bundle. An app bundle is a folder with an. A script file is included for doing this:. Note that this script does not copy the executable file into the app bundle the way you normally would when you're ready to distribute an app bundle.

Signing Qt applications for Mac OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10

Instead, it creates a symbolic link inside the folder that points to the executable in the somedemo folder. This approach allows you to edit and compile a program as many times as necessary without needing to copy the executable file into the app bundle folder after each compile in order to run it. In Finder, double-click the somedemo application not the executable file to launch it.

You can also drag and drop the somedemo application onto the dock and launch it from there.

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  • Here are the steps:. Tip: How do you get to the Lazarus folder? Tip: You can also use Subversion SVN to download the Lazarus source to a folder in your home folder or someplace where you have write access to it. Tip: For the purposes of these examples, you really only need to copy the Lazarus "lcl" folder, but you'll need to ignore the warnings that Lazarus gives you later on.

    If you only copied the "lcl" folder, you'll get a warning when you click OK. Click Ignore to ignore the warning.

    macos - Deploy Qt application on MAC with Qt framework - Stack Overflow

    You can change most of the switches as needed, but be sure to leave the -k switches alone. If necessary, change the first line to the path to the LCL units you created in the previous section.

    Qt DevDays 2006 - Deployment of Qt Applications: Bradley Hughes

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