How to set an alarm clock on your computer mac

How to Set an Alarm on Mac OS X

Keep working until late on your Mac as you usually do. Your Mac is most likely the last device you use before you start feeling sleepy, so just keep working as always and let Wakefy handle the alarm thing for you. Every now and then I see a product and think - I can't believe this didn't already exist, makes so much sense.

Wakefy is fully designed, developed and mantained by a single indie developer named Javi Ramirez rameerez. Servers cost money I'm currently paying myself.

Timer for Mac

Want to collaborate and help covering costs? Chip in whatever amount you can. Don't want to collaborate? Wakefy is donation-based, but you can still download it without collaborating. Like many other reviewers have pointed out, it has an awesome setting to change your system volume during an alarm. So even if you accidentally leave your volume muted at night, you can still hear a full-blast alarm in the morning.

I have not used the additional helper download because I generally require a password on my machines when waking from sleep. I hate this app with all the passion and dark energy of a thousand dying suns. Ever since I installed it earlier this week, it has not failed to wake me up to run errands at horrible times in the morning where civilized human beings should be dreaming about app updates or something.

I want it dead. I use the Demon Rooster setting, and it does indeed crow until the marrow of my bones is quivering with rage before I climb across the room to end its infernal screeching Thus said, this means that it does its job well.

How To Set An Alarm On A Macbook

Kudos to its makers. That said, I still despise it But I lost my phone recently and resorted to finding an alarm to use on my macbook. I was really late to work two days in a row, because once the screen on my macbook turns off, this alarm ceases to function. As an alternative to the Reminders app and Siri, you can use an online web app to set yourself a reminder. One free option you have can be found at vclock.

Once you land on the website, click on the Set Alarm button, and a window will pop up for you to fill out details.

Setting a One-Time Alert on Your Mac Device

Go through the hours and minutes tab to select what time of day you want your alarm to go off. The web app has options for Timer , Stopwatch , and World Clock on the left navigation bar as well. You can setup a timer to go off in some amount of user-selected minutes or hours. You just need to keep the tab open and your MacBook un-muted!