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Step After you have finished recording your audio, click on the brown square-shaped button to stop the recording. Internal audio means the audio that your Mac is playing back, such as an internet stream, song or a Skype call.

Mac has no inbuilt app to record what is being played on the speakers. Therefore, you have to use an additional third-party app to record the internal sounds of the computer. There are several apps available to do this like Soundflower , Movavi , Piezo , etc. Soundflower and Movavi are the best options among them. I will explain the procedure of using them in detail. Soundflower is an amazing audio capturing app for Mac users. It is completely free and simple to use. When a sound is playing on your computer, Soundflower acts as a source to convert it as if it is coming from an external device.

This way it makes it possible to record the playing sound. Follow these steps in order to record audio using Soundflower:. Step Download and install Soundflower from here. Your mac will have to restart then. Now any sound that will play on your Mac will not come out from the speakers, instead, it will be routed through Soundflower. Step Now you have to use Quicktime to record the sound routed through Soundflower. Step In the Audio Recording box , click on the inverted-triangle present on the right side of Red recording button.

Step Play any sound and when you are ready to record it, click on the Red Record button in Quicktime. It is a great app capable of recording both internal and external sounds. Follow these steps in order to record audio using Movavi:. Step Download and install Movavi from here. Afterwards, open Movavi Screen Recorder. To start recording audio, click on the Rec button. Step After you have finished recording, click on the Stop button.

These were the best possible ways to record audio both internal and external ones on Mac.

How to record system audio on Mac and iPhone

All the apps listed above are properties of their respective owners. Though they are free to use. You can try them anytime you wish. Hope I helped you to learn recording audio on Mac. For any queries, doubts or suggestions, comment down in the Comments section below. Have a nice day, Folks! Your email address will not be published. If you are using the latest MacBook then you may not have voice input source other then its default microphone. Older Mac Systems have 3. We recommend you to use an external microphone for best quality audio recording on your Mac System.

In order to record an audio, you must have an app with sound recording feature. Here we will discuss about how to record audio on Mac with built-in app and also with third party apps. QuickTime Player is a default application on all Mac Systems.

How to Record Audio on Mac

Because they watch videos and movies in QuickTime Player. But not all users know that QuickTime Player App has video, screen and audio recording features.

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After completion of audio recording and saving the file, you can check your selected folder. You will see that your recorded audio file is right there. Open the Audio File if you want to listen to it. You can also edit your recorded audio files using QuickTime Player. GarageBand is a wonderful app that comes as pre-installed in most Mac computers. GarageBand is an app for playing, recording and editing audio at free of cost. This app has some more features than other simple audio recording apps on Mac.

When you record an audio using GarageBand App , you can add some sound effects in background. In addition, you can adjust audio recording volume level to get the best musical effects and voice with perfect rhythm in recording. After setting the correct audio input source, you can proceed to record audio on Mac with GarageBand App. Here you need to connect a musical instrument if you want to use it in recording.

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Thereafter, you should select a track or add a track for recording and set volume level. Finally set the audio recording resolution 24 Bits are recommended. But there are some third party apps which are free to use and provide more features.

Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

Audacity App is a free and open source application for audio recording and editing. It has lots of features to customize the audio recording on Mac. You can also add various plugins to Audacity to get additional features. Audacity App is available to download for free on its website. You need to visit the Audacity Website and download the app on your Mac. After the app is successfully installed, you are ready to record an audio on Mac using Audacity App.

You can listen to your recorded audio using the Audacity App or other audio player app.

Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

The Audacity App also allows you to edit, trim and delete the recorded audio. Long duration audios require more editing and Audacity is the best app to edit such recording files.

There are some more apps which are also good in audio recording on Mac. You can also try them if you want to record an audio on your Mac System. Internal Audio is different than external audio that is captured by microphone.

Screenflick – Mac Screen Recorder with Audio

To record audio of any song or video playing on computer is called internal audio recording. For example: You want to record audio of an online video playing on your Mac PC. Kindly note that your Mac does not have built-in app to record internal audio directly. We have done audio recording experiment on Mac using two different apps with Soundflower Extension.

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