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How to Monitor Network Connections on Your Mac

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5 Network Scanner Utilities and Tools for Mac OS X

PeakHour is very easy to setup with a setup wizard taking you through all the basic steps to get PeakHour monitoring your system straight away. PeakHour can also specifically monitor the performance of video streaming apps such as NetFlix, Amazon Video, YouTube and iTunes to see whether your internet connection is causing problems.

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Activity Monitor is a simple and very useful utility in macOS which monitors not just network activity but app performance, resource status and more. Along the top, if you click on the Network tab, it will show you which applications are sending and receiving packets of data over the net. uses cookies.

MenuMeters is a free open source network monitoring tool which monitors CPU, disk, memory and network activity on your Mac. However, officially the developers claims that it is not compatible with OS X MenuMeters is a more basic version of iStat Menus with a similar look and feel although with considerably less polish, features and functionality.

If you want something really simple without any fancy features, Private Eye does a very good job of making it easy to see incoming and outgoing connections to your Mac. Private Eye is a free network monitoring software for Mac users that simply lists Incoming and Outgoing connections and the apps that are doing them in one convenient window. Finally, if you know how to use Terminal on your Mac, then you can use it to monitor network traffic by using tcpdump.

If you know had to read a packet trace, Terminal can capture packet traces.

15 awesome IT tools for Mac OS X

The only way to detect or block malware such as this is to see the network traffic coming and going from your Mac by using a network monitoring tool. Under the surface, many applications are constantly sending and receiving data from your Mac. As soon as your Mac is connected to the internet, it is therefore vulnerable. Most of the time, applications such as Spotify, Microsoft Office or Adobe applications are simply sending and receiving data that allows you to use the application.

This is increasingly common as the line between desktop and cloud computing becomes increasingly thinner such as with MS Office and Adobe Creative Cloud for example. An applications like Adobe Photoshop for example may launch several processes or call-outs during while its being used. However, some applications make call-outs that are at best unnecessary or at worst, malicious and a threat to both your privacy and security by leaving your Mac open to attack or exposing private data.

Network monitoring software can intercept and in most cases, even block such requests to ring-fence your Mac from such risks. Mac OS X has its own in-built Firewall which is deactivated by default but it can only protect you from incoming connections — it has no control over outgoing connections and call-outs made by apps. The good news is that some of the best network monitoring for software for Mac is either free or costs very little.

Which one you choose depends on your needs and abilities. Terminal is also a quick and dirty way to analyze packet data without installing any software. Little Snitch has more features and fine tuned control while Radio Silence is a good fire and forget solution to network monitoring on OS X. We hope this review of the best network monitoring software for Mac has helped but if you have any questions, problems or suggestions regarding the tools featured here, let us know in the comments below.

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