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Google Camera code hints the Google Pixel 4 may have a telephoto lens July 5, June 30, Checketry is a download manager that syncs progress between desktop and mobile June 28, LaunchBoard is an app drawer replacement with a theme engine and modern UI June 28, Thanks Meter : Ciao xda users, I'm here to introduce a new tool of mine, MiUnlockTool.

MiUnlockTool is an unofficial tool used to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi devices. This tool is copied from the original windows MiFlashUnlock tool and works the same way. The main feature of this tool is compatibility with linux and mac operating system and windows too.


Possible errors: - If you get a permission related error on linux or mac when launching the tool, open a terminal and cd into extracted dir and use "chmod MiUnlockTool. See openjfx package on linux. Additional info: original MiFlashUnlock tool is just a bridge between fastboot, you and your account login credentials and xiaomi server: the tool gets device info from the device and send them to the server together with the account login token, the server checks wherever you satisfy all their requirements account authorized, account associated with device in developer settings etc and if everything is okay the server reply with the unlock key for your device instance every time you reboot your phone you need a new key.

Then the tool send the key to the device with a custom build of fastboot and if the key is right then the device is unlocked, else it reboots. After I discovered all the process behind the original unlock tool and all the security encryption techniques I decided to replicate it with a java cross-platform tool which embeds a custom fastboot version and replicates what the original tool does.

[GUIDE FOR MAC] How to Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery & Root (Macbook Pro)

That's a simple explaination of how my tool works obviously it's more complicated than that. This tool requires all of what is required by the original tool an authorized xiaomi account binded to the device through developer options for three days if I remember correctly. FAQs: - Is this tool safe to use? Yes, the main part is communication between tool and server, a safe thing. Also the unlock procedure itself is safe: or the key is correct or it is not.

In both cases the device will not be damage. Thank you for your question. It's been a bit difficult since the original tool has been obfuscated and virtualized protected against reverse engeneering with a powerful protector: VMProtect.

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I've spent some time to reverse it and custom fastboot too and I finally did it. I will not explain in details how I did it.

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The process is quick, straightforward, and it comes from an official first-party source. Start by downloading the ZIP file for your respective operating system.

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Next, go ahead and keep things simple by exacting the ZIP to your desktop for safekeeping. On most operating systems, you can do this by placing the ZIP on your desktop, right-clicking the file, then choosing "Extract Here" from the context menu. If you'd rather keep your desktop clean, you can actually extract the ZIP anywhere. But know that you'll need to find the extracted ZIP's location anytime you want to run ADB or Fastboot commands in the future, so put it somewhere you won't forget.

The screenshot below gives you an excellent example of what your exacted folder should look like on Windows and what files it will contain as well.

Nexus Root Toolkit 2.1.9 Download - Ultimate Nexus Rooting Guide

Note: If you're a Windows user, there's a new requirement in place for the platform-tools package to work in the form of the Windows Universal C Runtime. It's usually installed on the system by default for Windows 10, but if you're running Windows 8. Or if you'd like, you can fetch the download from the Microsoft Download Center and install it that way instead.

Install .PKG without Admin password (macOS)

But to make sure you don't have any troubles in the future, there's one last step you should take. First, make sure you have "USB debugging" enabled on your Android device.

[TOOL][WIN/LIN/MAC] MiUnlockTool - Unlock bo… | Android Development and Hacking

This setting can be found in the Developer options menu, which can be activated using these instructions. From there, simply connect your phone or tablet to your computer with a USB cable, then you should see the following prompt on your Android device. Tick the box next to "Always allow," then press "OK" on this prompt. Now that you've got the platform-tools folder extracted and USB debugging has been enabled on your phone, it's time to move onto the fun stuff!

From within the newly installed platform-tools folder, this is where you'll be executing all ADB and Fastboot commands for your rooting and modding needs. If you need more help, check out the link below for a step-by-step guide on this part, then you can move on to the final step in this guide.

To make sure your computer and phone are able to talk to one another properly, you'll need to type the following command from the terminal and then hit the enter key:. Note: Mac and Linux users will most likely have to add a period and a slash before entering any of the commands listed here e. Your command window should still be active from the previous step, so running the above command should reveal a grouping of numbers and letters — this is the unique identifier for your device that has been recognized by the system. How much you want to do next with this new information you gained from this guide is up to you.

From here, you can now do such things as unlocking the bootloader on your phone, flashing a custom recovery, or even installing OTA update files manually. I hope you found this helpful in your rooting and modding quest for knowledge! The number of uses and possibilities from running ADB and Fastboot commands is going to be something you'll be glad to have in your arsenal of Android tools.

If it does, allow it the access it needs. DroidID works when your system locks automatically e. Likewise, when you first boot your system, DroidID will not be able to unlock it. This is on-par with how fingerprint unlocking works on both iOS and Android. If a phone restarts or turns on, your fingerprint cannot unlock it.

You have to enter a passcode or password to unlock the device. The same rule applies to your Mac. If you restart or boot, you need to enter your password.