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You can listen to any content from the Web, GoogleDrive, or Dropbox. I did some web surfing for text to speech software options, and came across Capti Voice, which comes highly reviewed. There's a free introductory version, but if you're going to be working with big files you'll probably want the paid version of the software. Also ranked 4 in text to speech for phone recordings. One of her instructors recommended NaturalReader, so I decided to give the free version a try. Overall, I was really impressed by what a difference this software made.

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I was so impressed I decided to purchase the professional version which provides a richer amount of features which makes the experience even better. Also ranked 1 in text to speech for phone recordings. Beverly Gonzalez. I simply paste the text I'd like to have read to me, and the voice comes alive.

I really like to use this to help me pass the time while I'm prepping for meals that take a while in the kitchen. Also ranked 18 in text to speech software. Tested among many different voice types and it's been accurate among all of them. Highly recommended to quickly turn your thoughts into easily storable text. Also ranked 20 in text to speech software.


Unlike a lot of other similar software, you can choose from a large variety of different voices for your text. Also ranked 5 in text to speech for phone recordings.

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  6. This is a good solution 9. This a is great tool for website developers as well as those with visual problems.

    BEST Text-To-Speech Voice (REAL HUMAN VOICE)

    I have dry eye, and every time I can rest my eyes it is a blessing to me. I would much prefer to hear the text. I am going to add this to all of my websites! As a genealogist, I have a lot of older clients with visual problems, and I think it will make my sites easier for them to use. Also ranked 2 in text to speech for phone recordings. This is a good solution 8. Sandra Stephens. You can listen to a book and relax. You choose the voice you want and there is a lot to pick from. I pick a relaxing one. Also ranked 3 in text to speech for phone recordings.

    I found it to be a bit faster too.

    VoiceOver and Text To Speech for Mac OS X

    Sadly, it is only available on Windows. Also ranked 14 in text to speech software. This is a good solution 4. There are quite a few things that trip it up like symbols and punctuation. If they could fix that, I would be very happy. Also ranked 9 in iPad apps for salespeople. This is a good solution 1. Shirley Douglas. While an answer to the question, i feel as if it isnt exactly useful since its stuck within the messaging app and no other way to use it on outside texts".

    Also ranked 4 in and easiest ways to protect my messages.

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    TextSpeech Pro

    Social Media. Skip Something went wrong! Try again please. Read4Me can also convert text files to MP3 files. It is completely free and fully functional.

    There is no evaluation period and no crippled features. FeyRecorder is a TTS conversion tool with natural voices that allows you to listen to any text document spoken aloud. You can also use the software to convert other sound sources into audio files, such as CDs, tapes, DVDs, online radio, and video games. The audio files can be transferred to any portable device that handles them for on-the-go listening. Use yRead to listen to eBooks, your own writing, or any other piece of text. NET Framework 3. You can also download yRead2 and run both versions on the same computer.

    How do I use the Text to Speech?

    You can also input text into the program window to be read aloud. It supports a variety of languages and voices and allows you to create WAV audio files and MP3 audio files from the text. Text2Speech is a free program that converts text into audible speech. The program required. NET Framework 2. DeskBot is a free program that includes a clipboard reader, text reader, and time announcer for Windows.

    For available commands and options, right-click on the DeskBot icon in the system tray. DeskBot will also read the contents of the clipboard when it changes. PowerTalk is a free program that allows you to have your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations spoken out loud. When you open a PowerPoint presentation and let it run as usual, PowerTalk speaks the text on the slides as it appears, and also hidden text attached to images. ClipSpeak is a small, portable, TTS tool that speaks text copied or cut to the clipboard.

    You can also use ClipSpeak to convert text to MP3 files for listening to on CDs, computers, smartphones, and portable media players. If you want other languages, look at eSpeak , which is a compact, open source speech synthesizer for English and other languages that works in Windows and Linux. You can select different voices, or combine them to create dialogs among different voices for books or scripts, and DSpeech is compatible with all the vocal engines SAPI4 and SAPI5 compliant.

    You can also have the content of the clipboard read to you. One interesting feature of Balabolka is that you can save subtitled text in the LRC format or in the metadata of the audio file. This allows you to follow along with the text as the audio plays. You can download it to your computer or portable music player or smartphone.

    You can even embed the file in your website. People wanting to listen to your content can subscribe to your podcasts through iTunes, iPodder, or other similar services. You can also promote your audio content on podcast directories.