Mac os x 10.8 hardware test

These Macs have the "Diagnostic Gateway" installed, which requires Internet access to be able to talk to a server in Cupertino. An application called Gateway Manager configures the server component that allows use these NetBoot images. You can load as many as you want, but if your Apple ID doesn't check out, or if the server is not connected to the Internet, then the gateway daemon won't run and you cannot boot any of these images. Posted: Fri Apr 03, pm.

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You can load as many as you want, but if your Apple ID doesn't check out, or if the server is. Posted: Sat Apr 04, am.

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Nice necromancing. But since you are talking about it now, I may as well as talk. He probably messed up the boot record so you can't boot in. I can do so through Clover as I used to run Hackintoshes, but there you go. He purposely messed up something. Posted: Tue Apr 07, pm. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Post subject: Apple Hardware Test - What even?

I would guess it is just an EFI application. Visit my gopher site!

The AHT can usually be found on one of your Mac's install dvds

Or even Marklar first rumors? I guess I figured out the answerto my question, however I think I'm gonna try messing with this stuff a bit more now, it seems cool. Aha, thanks for the confirmation. I dropped off an iMac at my local Apple store last year after it suffered a failing hard drive and the engineer connected it to a network and before I could see what keys he had pressed had already booted the iMac into a really flash-looking diagnostics application. The application correctly detected the failing hard drive in a matter of seconds and could even detect the fact I'd installed third-party RAM.

I read this article. None of those applied to my case: my Mac Pro came before and it doesn't have Apple Diagnostics built into it, it doesn't have Apple Hardware Test built into it, and my Mac Pro came with Mountain Lion preinstalled and it did not have system software disc or USB flash drive. Restarting while holding down the D key simply doesn't work it just reboot back to the desktop. I was worried because I accidentally erase the Recovery HD.

So I think it was because of that. Also can not run the Internet Recovery.


In your Mac Pro , Internet Recovery is available??? Happy ! User profile for user: lllaass lllaass. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. See if this helps: Using Apple Hardware Test. Ask a question Reset. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. But great hint :- [ Reply to This ].

How to access hardware test mode on Mountain Lion?

Had our esteemed moderator tested this hint, he would have found it doesn't work as described. Authored by: cycomachead on Aug 25, '11 AM. Authored by: crarko on Aug 25, '11 PM. Fixed it. Thanks for the catch.

Hardware Test on mac - 2018

SB [ Reply to This ]. If you want to run diags on your computer that will actually do something, use apple service diagnostics ASD for your model instead [ Reply to This ]. Hi, did you ever manage to get anywhere with this? I confirm that this method still works with Search Advanced.

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From Our Sponsors. Once the directory copies over, you'll just need to hold down the D key to startup your Mac. Sometimes, the process is a bit slow, so be patient. If it doesn't work, you can try a different disk.

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It's possible that some future Lion update will either break this hint, or more hopefully, restore the capability and render it obsolete.