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Supports deletions in both Outlook and Google Calendar in 2way sync direction. This option is available in both 1way and 2way sync directions.

Outlook for Mac adds support for Google Calendar and Contacts - Microsoft Blog

Do not sync multiple google calendars with the same outlook calendar. Pay and Download Calendar Sync Pro instantly. Portable version zipped is also available for download after payment. Zipped version does not require administrator access on your computer since there is no need to install it. Privacy: No data is sent to external servers or any third party.

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Your personal information is secure, safe with Google. Sync Outlook and Gmail Contacts. Download Contacts Sync. Visit gmailextractor. Download extracted emails as.

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Extract from message body. Gmail Email Extractor. With this option, you have to publish your Outlook calendar before you can sync it to Gmail. Now let's see how to sync Outlook calendar to Google calendar via Gmail:. Choose "Publish Online" followed by "Publish this Calendar Next, you need to click "Access level" and change it to "Public". Copy the "Link for subscribing to this calendar" and go to your Google Calendar. Step 6. Step 7. Paste the link you created and copied earlier and then select "Add Calendar".

Connecting to the Gmail Calendar With Outlook on a Mac

If you do not like the methods above, then you can try to use some applications to complete the Outlook to Google calendar sync. Here we have 3 Apps for your reference.

Outlook 2016 users can preview Google Calendar support

With this application, you can make changes to your Outlook calendar and they'll be reflected on Google or you make them on Google and see them on Outlook. It supports different versions of Outlook and can be used to sync multiple calendars. With the ability to synchronize multiple calendars, you get the best out of this app. Other than giving you a secure two-way sync, the App Outlook Google Calendar Sync allows you to access your calendar using any device.

And this application supports all versions of Outlook - from Outlook to Outlook bit. Hence, you do not need to worry about its compatibility. This application also supports two-way synchronization and is considerably one of the most reliable Apps. You can combine your events and even make them private if you wish. You can also edit your events by adding or deleting them.

Normally, users would directly use the built-in Calendar App on their Android or iPhone to record events.

Tap the Save button. That's it, the subscribed Calendar will now show up in the Calendar app. Connecting your Pabau calendar to Google Calendar.

Open Google Calendar. Connecting your Pabau calendar to Microsoft Outlook. And that's it! Have more questions? Submit a request. Please sign in to leave a comment.