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After renaming a computer's name in System Preferences, it should now automatically call sysctl to fix the other two. It didn't used to do that. And yes, the startup disk is completely unrelated to the computer name.

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Changing your computer name may affect: - the name your computer binds to active directory using you may get disconnected even though it says you are connected - in which case you need to disconnect and rejoin - any other computer that is connecting to yours via file sharing, ssh, or any other protocol native or otherwise that is connecting via your hostname - any service that is identifying your computer by its name or hostname such as time machine may - certain app DRM will mix your hostname into the salt which often also include your ethernet MAC and your logic board's serial number when creating your license file, causing it to fail to activate when launched.

Renaming your computer to the same name as another on your network will have mixed and often "undefined" behavior, meaning there can be a bit of randomness in the reaction, because they're not expecting that to happen and may really not have any good way to react.

How to Find Your Computer Name in Windows and Mac OS X

That makes it "not recommended". If you rename a mac, it will verify the name is not in use on bonjour.

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If it is, it will tell you, and will rename your computer "My iMac 2 " or 3 etc. Stuff can get weird when it starts doing "My iMac 2 2 2 " which I have seen happen when the fallback is also in use. AD limits length to 15 characters, so you can only add " 2 " so many times. If you boot up a clone of your computer, or plug it into the network and it DISCOVERS it's not unique on the network, one mac or the other somewhat randomly selected will rename itself and will pop up an error.

I've reimaged an entire lab and watched every monitor but one light up with that message as a result. In NO case will a mac rename itself back, the change is permanent until you decide to remove the " 2 " etc that it has added. It does NO remove the addition automatically when the conflict is resolved. It seems that changing the name only in the Sharing Preference has had no adverse effects. Time Machine backups have progressed normally and the network recognizes the new name with no issues that I can tell.

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  6. The value of HostName and LocalHostName are often the same, but they should not be confused as they can also be different. You should change this value accordingly before using the code. Unfortunately, my experience with attempting to permanently change the NetBIOS name is the same as yours.

    I eventually gave up trying for my own sanity. Thanks a lot Steve for your answer.

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    Well; In my initial post I forgot to mention that my attempts also included several reboots of the MacBook itself plus my router of course. I used and checked all of your commands for the terminal. The results are as follows:. The question for me is, where does my machine gets this name from? Here are the results:.

    How To Change A Mac’s Computer Name And Host Name With Terminal

    I also will give up now, for my own sanity, exactly as you said. I better stick to Windows. Table of Contents 1. Displaying the Bonjour Name 2. Displaying the IP Address 4.

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    Displaying the Computer Name 5. Displaying the Host Name 6.