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Select the Input Range which would be the test scores in this example and the Bin Range which are the cells containing the bin numbers. Choose the Output Range if you want the histogram to appear on the same worksheet. Otherwise, choose New Worksheet or New Workbook. Select the Chart Output checkbox, then select OK. Excel will insert a static histogram on the sheet you selected. Exit Excel and restart the program. The Data Analysis option will appear on the Data tab.

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For example: enter the names of the students in a class in one column and their test scores in another. Click the Chart Output checkbox, then click OK. Share Pin Email.

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She's written tips and tutorials for Microsoft Office applications and other sites. Updated March 13, Select the entire dataset. Go to the All Charts tab and select Histogram. Select the Histogram option, then select OK. Select Categories if you want to display text categories.

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Select Number of Bins to establish a specific number of bins displayed. Close the Format Axis pane when you have finished customizing the histogram. Go to the File tab, then select Options.

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  • Select Add-ins in the navigation pane. The Analysis ToolPak should be installed.

    Add Secondary Value Axis to Charts in PowerPoint for Mac

    The add-in is not available in Excel for Mac. Go to the Tools menu and click Excel Add-ins. Click Yes to install the add-in if prompted. Once you've installed the add-in, you can create a histogram:. Go to the Data tab and click Data Analysis. Select Histogram and click OK. Step 4: From here, you can change the chart type for one of your data series.

    How to Make A Graph in Excel 2016 for Mac

    I changed the Revenue series back to a column chart to decrease chart junk. And put it in a secondary axis by selecting that option. Then click OK. I changed the series color to green, thinned out the secondary axis, and ditched the decimal places.

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    I almost always get rid of decimal places in my axes! Most marketers are only reporting the conversions in red. We should be reporting on the assists, too! The final step is an actual job. This chart has more data than most I create, but I wanted to capture both phases of conversions in one chart.

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    How to Make an Excel Chart in Office 2011 for Mac

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