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It's not clear why Apple chose to limit AirDrop to Wi-Fi, but what the anonymous tipster discovered is that Apple, at least during testing, gave AirDrop the ability to listen for AirDrop announcements over any network connection. Simply select the AirDrop item from a Finder window sidebar and all Macs on the network will be visible. Dragging an item to one of the listed Macs initiates a request for a file transfer. The user of the target Mac must accept the transfer before the file is delivered.

Once the file transfer is accepted, the file is sent to the designated Mac and will show up in the receiving Mac's downloads folder. Although AirDrop works quite well when used in its default configuration over WiFi, we have encountered a few gotchas with this non-Apple-sanctioned method for using AirDrop over other network connections. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

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He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Model I. Turning on AirDrop capabilities for all networks is relatively simple; all that's needed is a bit of Terminal magic to make the changes. Any idea? All things being equal, the existence of the Touch Bar would have to reduce battery.

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Looking forward to hearing what you end up getting Joseph. Also, whenever you can, Thunderbolt. Also, Macs can safely boot from the OS they shipped with and later. I love your post! So timely. I just mistakenly did a full migration from my Macbook Air to this new amazing macbook pro but took the full migration shortcut.

I am in a rush to fix it all because I am traveling out of the country and needed the faster machine. Sincerely, Guy who sees vividly how shortcuts often lead to huge time drains in the long run.

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I hope someone responds with some ideas for you RPF. The only thing I can think of to clean out glop is Onyx. Good luck! Craig — thanks for the rundown on speed and options. I am confused over why you mention anything about your router. The Cat6 cable should be connecting the two computers directly, no router involved…at least that is how you do it with the iMacs. I am currently using Migration Assistant to transfer from my iMac to my new iMac and I am using an old Cat5 cable. To transfer GB of data it is telling only 3 hours and 20 min. Good question, Rosanne. Well, I would guess that was your problem.

My complete transfer took 2 hours 48 min. Less than it originally estimated. Though you are required to be logged into the same internet network, data is transferred via the CAT cable. We all learn as we go. When I gave up on Migration Assistant, I just dragged my files from one Mac to the other and it was really fast, still with Ethernet through the switch. Running SuperDuper! So that time Migration Assistant was the hero.

Found this while googling to find out why Migration Assistant is so slow migrating 1. Oh well. One time deal.

Mac Tutorials [12] - Transfer Files Between Macs Using Ethernet Cable At 100 MB Per Second

Maybe I should have tried Target Disk Mode. I suspect directories with small files slow it down, like my git clones etc… but still — this is crap.

LMP USB-C Network Hub

Thanks for your post. It ran all night and nothing was transferred. Trying again with a Time Capsule hooked directly to the new iMac connected via Ethernet. I also did as you, did NOT enter my wifi password so neither device is on any outside network.

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If anyone out there has any tips, please let me know! Data to transfer is about GB. This is insanity! I suspect you are right, that it is using wifi, can you turn that off on the new machine so it cannot connect to wifi at all? Anonymous — I can update your comment for you to add that info … if you tell me which comment is yours! And thanks for helping others here. Be very very quiet, head down and wait it out. It WILL finish. Maybe go for a walk? So, so bizarre! Happy dance Jenn! Glad you told us your story of success. Allison — Just reading this post as I am about to start a migration between a iMac and a new iMac.

Working with files and folders. To migrate your files to the PC using a cloud based Service, first, log on to the service from the Mac and copy your files to that location. Next, log on to the cloud based Service from the PC and copy the files from that location to the folder on the PC.

Once the files are migrated to the PC folder, you can log on to the PC and move the individual files to thier permonant location. For help with working with Files and Folders on the PC, see the following Helptopic on the Microsoft website: Working with files and folders. Transfering files using a direct cable connection is an easy process and can be the fastest way to transfer your files. To do this, follow the steps below:.

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  • Once the files are migrated to the PC location, you can move the individual files to thier permonant location. If you have an Internet connection and a small number of files that you want to migrate, you can email the files to yourself from the Mac using your e-mail account, and then access your e-mail account from your PC. Just open and save, or drag and drop the files to the temporary folder that you created in earlier steps.

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    • Note: Emailing large files or larger amounts of files may take several emails and in some cases the files may be too large to send using email. Note: You may need to change a setting on your e-mail account so that the email will stay on the server once it's been read. The default setting for many e-mail applications is to delete the e-mail once a copy has been brought to the local computer.

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