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If you run a big organization or a Company then you are required to buy the license key to run the program.

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Phase 5 is compatible with Windows only. It has a crisp and clear Menu arrangement. Integrated file management makes the switching between different documents easy.

Finding the right HTML editor for the Mac doesn't mean spending a lot

Phase 5 has a tidy interface to work with. Kompozer is a great option for beginners to create a professional looking website. You are free to customize your toolbar. An integrated in-line spell checker. Kompozer offers you cross-platform compatibility. Integrated file management via FTP.

15 Best Free Code Editors for Windows & Mac [12222 Update]

Its full feature version is paid. It is really fast and reliable. Syntax highlighting feature to give you the clear idea. Clipbook feature of NoteTab has a huge collection of pastable text snippets all associated with header tags. Insert code snippets. Out of the list of the documents, simple drag and drop the code snippets. Easy to insert tags and other HTML code form the toolbar. Easy multiple page handling.

Autocomplete feature to insert tags. It is a great open source text editor by GitHub. Provides you the cross-platform option. Smart auto completion option to give you faster results. Easy find and replace option. Easy to navigate interface. Multiple panes option for easy comparison across files. Simple file browsing system to provide you quick output. Tired of coding? TemplateToaster is a terrific website design software! High-quality features for search, edit, and manipulation of the text.

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User-friendly interface for quick find and change option across multiple files. Auto code completion. It has paid and free version. Integrated spell check. Auto text completion. CotEditor is an open and free to use editor. CotEditor renders the split window into multiple panes to have a different view of the document. CotEditor has powerful search and replace feature. It enables you to create macros for various languages i.

CotEditor automatically backs up your data while you are editing. Open source and free to download text editor. Brackets support multiple platforms like macOS, Windows, Linux. Extract feature lets you extract information straight from PSD s like fonts, colors, and measurements with a clear CSS without contextual code references. Easy to customize. Komodo offers syntax highlight and code coloring option. Auto-completion Auto indentation very useful Macros and extension support. It has both version free and paid.

5 Best Free HTML Editors for Web Developers on macOS

It has auto-indent feature for common actions. TextMate lets you search and replace the text in a project. You can get clipboard history. TextMate is obtainable for macOS X only. Foldable code blocks. Support to run Shell commands from within a document. TextMate supports more than 50 languages. Themeable Syntax highlighting.

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TextMate supports auto pairing of function pop up for quick navigation and overview. TextMate support macros. Auto pairing of brackets. Column selection and column type.

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It is compatible with various platforms such as mac, Windows, and Linux. It is an ideal choice to edit a large number of files. Easy inspect and replace in files. Integrated scripting and macros. UltraEdit offers you split window editing feature. He wishes to render his pool of wisdom on to the world by contributing with content ideas here on this blog through a team of dedicated editors and writers.

New to WordPress? Aptana Studio offers an interesting take on website development. Instead of focusing on the HTML, Aptana focuses on the JavaScript and other elements that allow you to create rich internet applications.

The 10 Best Free HTML Editors for Mac

One thing I really like is the outline view that makes it really easy to visualize the document object model DOM. Download Aptana Studio. One nice feature is the version control included in the IDE which is really useful for people working in large development environments. If you write Java and web pages this is a great tool. Download NetBeans. Bluefish is a full-featured web editor for Linux. There are also native executables for Windows and Macintosh. It is primarily a code editor, not specifically a web editor.

Download Bluefish. Eclipse is a complex, Open Source development environment that is perfect for people who do a lot of coding on a variety of platforms and with different languages. Eclipse is structured as plug-ins, so if you need to edit something just find the appropriate plug-in and go. If you are creating complex web applications, Eclipse has a lot of features to help make your application easier to build.

Download Eclipse. SeaMonkey is the Mozilla project all-in-one internet application suite. It includes a web browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and composer, the web page editor. One of the nice things about using SeaMonkey is that the browser is built-in, so testing is a breeze. Download SeaMonkey. Download Amaya. KompoZer was conceived by some people who really liked Nvu but were fed up with the slow release schedules and poor support. They took it over and released a less buggy version of the software.