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The upgrade installer accepts only a valid serial number for a previous version of the same product. If you do not qualify for the upgrade, you may be able to return the upgrade you purchased. See Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order. Select another product or version from the Product menu in the Serial Number Upgrade screen and enter its serial number. We can assist with your serial number after we first verify that you qualify for the upgrade. Register your product. These applications do not use the same verification methods that more-recent Adobe applications use.

Search the Adobe Support website for documentation about those applications. Upgrade error: Creative Suite User Guide. Select an article: On this page Problem: This serial number is not for a qualifying product Solutions. According to the version, you may get free trial for 30 to 90 days.

This serial key certifies that you can fully operate and install the software. The serial key, serial number, or license key, is provided to the user by the software manufacturer. The serial key is stored online for products downloaded online. Windows Registry stores all the vital configurations. But you should be very careful even when you are viewing some details in Registry, let along making any change.

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Illustrator cs6 serial keygen mac

Here, you can look for CS6 or CS5 serial key in the right corner. It is just their opinion and has no basis in fact - reinforced by the fact that they can never qualify why it won't work or why it is a huge risk.

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Running the latest CC is just as much a risk - or more of a risk if you read these forums and see the amount of people having problems with it. I use both versions every day and CC gives me far more problems.

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The beauty of CS6 is that what you see is what you get and it just runs, whereas CC is constantly having new bugs added. Those of us who have stuck with CS6 and have it running beautifully on the latest Macs under the latest MacOS Sierra are referred to by them as 'lucky' - perhaps because we have software with very few bugs that runs very fast. CS6 runs now just like it always has. We welcome you to the forum to provide support for the poor users of CS6 trying to install or run their software on recent operating systems.

We usually have two or three of them every day! You'll be kept pretty busy. As you know, they are no longer supported by Adobe, and most of us forum regular have given up on them. I do try to help CS6 users when I have time, but most times any practical advice I offer is drowned out by the 'it's not possible' brigade of forum regulars. Then again those same forum regulars are kept very busy by the incessant floods of people who are having problems with CC, so it's surprising that they are able to spare the time to shoot down practical advice from others.

But then I guess they don't waste any time checking their facts so it doesn't take them much time I've never seen any "drowning out" as you put it, on this friendly forum. Hi flaming1 ,. So it would depend on what features are used by an individual if problems arise or not. The next thing is: What exact version is installed? Some people tell, that they are not able to install the latest bug-fix version 8.

Adobe illustrator cs6 keygen mac

Or if someone migrated the OSX version from an older version or started a fresh install of the OS with a blank harddisk. That could make a big difference. For the better or the worse. And it could be that every time a new minor update is installed with the OS things could change. Of course that would also apply to other versions of inDesign. But the point is that bug fixing will not be done with CS6 anymore. On a personal note: I am running CS6 8. I agree with most of what you say.

The issue that occurs fairly frequently on this forum is people who are respected for their broad knowledge on Indesign saying flat out that it is not possible to run CS6 on current MacOS or that it doesn't work with retina screens. I'm guessing that those same people have never even tried running CS6 on modern systems. I don't expect them to as they, like a lot of others have fallen into the CC system and don't have any need to use CS6 any more. But, if they have no knowledge of the realities of using it then they should refrain from making absolute statements on a subject they don't understand.

As you say, any version of Indesign can be made unstable by OS updates or people using third party extensions to other software, so there is no greater risk to use CS6 than there is to use CC You say yourself that problems 'could' occur using CS6, not 'will' occur. And while it is obvious that CS6 will not be getting bug fixes from Adobe, from my long history of working with Adobe products - and Indesign since version 1.

I can also say that CS6 will never have any new bugs introduced but CC will definitely gain new bugs with every update. CC ended it's life with a fair few irritating bugs still unfixed. I suggest that they will also never be fixed because Adobe have now moved on to CC On a personal note, I run Indesign CS6 the full versions, not the CC version every day and all functions work as well as they ever did. It is extremely fast on a brand new iMac using Sierra.

I also use CC every day and experience some crashes, palettes that disappear, workspaces that can't be applied, and things like the layers palette losing its little boxes so that I can't move things between layers. Restoring preferences often causes the CC syncing preferences to disappear so that every time you make a new colour for example it gets synced to the Creative Cloud because there is no way to tell it not to.

I don't use CC as in testing we have done it is too slow but also because of the huge number of reports of it's instability. We revisit it occasionally when we have time, but it's still not worth rolling it out to our studio Macs until it settles down. Yes, there are principle flaws in a system that is postponing bug-fixing of new features to a new version and travel on. With CC we never saw a bug fix version within the last 5 months. That's really, really bad. And I stand to a comment I gave some days before in a different thread: Personally I would never do productive work on a new version that was never bug-fixed.

One of my customers forced my to use CC All others are on older versions. CC is still in my personal testing phase. What I like to see is a permanent bug fixing for all CC versions one can download and install with a CC subscription. There is one good example with such a policy: it happend one time with a nasty bug affecting form fields, that still is present in CS6 and that was fixed in CC 9.

Well done Adobe, I thought back then. Obviously this policy—if it ever was one—changed. And changed for the worse.

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And you are absolutely right—I think no-one can deny that—a lot of bugs were never fixed. And that a lot of features stalled in development and are left alone in their infancy. I have a lot of customers on different systems with different versions of InDesign and I often have to deliver documents in various InDesign versions to them.

Not only "end products" like PDFs for print service providers. Or I have to write scripts for them and testing should be done always on the customer's system and version of InDesign. Sometimes we host legacy documents for years in older versions and we would be well advised to use older versions of InDesign to maintain old projects when they will be updated after months and years. Currently I see one way out of that dilemma that older versions cannot be installed on newer OS systems:. Virtual machines running older OS versions.

But you're very wrong if you think I'm giving my opinion. I'm giving facts based on real world experience. I never claim that these answers are absolute because as Uwe says, there are any number of other factors than can tip things over - with any version of Indesign. Something that works for me personally on a given set-up may not work for all others, but it does allow me to state as fact that it is possible and can work, and so this information might be used and useful to others.

But, there are a few forum regulars who give opinions based on their views, which are not supported by facts, and they do bury the useful answers by the very frequency with which they post their opinions as answers. A case in point was where an answer was posted that addressed the OPs problem and fixed it for them, and for a number of other people. When it was pointed out that the actual answer had been given further down the thread and suggested that it should be marked as correct, the regulars jumped in and rubbished the suggestion with their opinions.

To be clear, I don't say that you can't install or use CS6 on new operating systems. I say that it appears that most people have problems when they do so, judging by the number of reports we see. And if they have problems, there is very little they an do since there will never be an upgrade to fix problems. And they will get no support from Adobe when doing so. You only see people who come here with problems. All the people who have it running successfully generally wouldn't visit to tell you that they have no problems. We have no idea how many people are running it without any issues. Using your criteria you could say with equal conviction that 'most people have problems when they install and try to use Indesign CC', judging by the number of reports you see on this forum.

That is presumably not the case. If people have problems with CS6 they can come here and ask, just like the people who come here to seek help with CC problems. There should be no difference. And nobody should realistically expect Adobe to give them any support on a personal level. If that was an option forums like this would have very little reason to exist, and yes I have had significant amounts of time wasted trying to get Adobe support in the past.