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How to Password-Protect Files or Folders on a Mac

Note: This will only encrypt and password protect the folder specified, if you are looking for full disk encryption for literally every single thing on the Mac, you would want to enable FileVault instead. FileVault applies similar encryption methodology to the entire hard drive automatically.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Unmount the disk image and remount it, be sure to enter the proper password. Unless the file was somehow corrupted by a drive failure or otherwise it makes no sense for the image file to suddenly reject a correct password.

I wonder if anyone can help.

How To Password Protect Folders On Mac OS X El Capitan

Can I set the. If so how? I did all of this awhile back and i forgot my password… is there anyway to recover the file at all? Question, I created an encrypted file about a year ago and used to access it by typing the file name in spotlight. Is there an easy way to view all encrypted files? I remember the password so once I find it I should be able to open it just fine. Once the dmg and disc image were created, I copied my files over, unmounted the disc image, then re-opened the dmg.

Click on the disc image, and it opens, no password required. I have a tremendous problem.

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I created a. It had a strong password, but today I tried to open it and it says that the password is wrong. What can I do? Any suggestions? This works great with one exception.

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I have one user name and other user occasionally use my computer. You cannot use a crypted folder that way since you cannot add new files to the folder. You can add new files to the encrypted folder by unlocking the DMG and then copying files to it. If you intend on placing a lot of files in there, make sure to account for the growth in file size when creating the original disk image. You can also use Disk Utility after the fact to resize an image if necessary. You can think of the encrypted disk image folder as a little virtual hard drive partition, it is set in size just like a partition but can be shrunk or expanded if necessary.

This is a terrific tutorial. Hey what am I doing wrong. IT actually does nothing. WHat did I do wrong? Also can you use the same process to change the password on a protected folder. This article is very interesting!

How To Encrypt A Folder With Password Protection In OS X 10.10 Yosemite

I use it for a wile. How do i delete or free the reserved space? Do i only drop the disk image in the trash? Does that free my hard drive from the disk image?

How to create a password protected zip folder on Mac No downloads

Or does it only delete the img and the space is still reserved on my hdd?? I have been using encrypted disk image for long time; since OS Leopard. And I have no problem with it. The Encrypted disc image which is created in this latest OS becomes so slow when I copy files to it. Does anybody have experienced this problem? Does anybody know what is the problem and how to solve it? Yes, I have opened the. Like Dan as said I recommend using the sparse bundle.

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I have had success with this method, strangely I think it is easier and it is expandable and more importantly, shrinkable. Back to the old way. This is not easy. Is this beyond the capabilities of Apple programmers? Apparently so. Are you reading what you are writing?

LOL That is the most ironic post I have ever read here. This whole thing could be made much easier and user-friendly. If Apple wants to use some of its great wealth to simplify and streamline the process, the clunky Disk Utility should be removed from the equation. Additionally, little clumsy infelicities need cleaning up. How many times must I tell OS X this? But what genius at Apple decided only encryption, and not decryption, should be sooper-sekrit?

Or as you would put it: LOL. All goes well to the point where I click on the newly created. Obviously done something wrong but not sure what. I had an idea to encrypt whole home directory. I swtiched user to encuser and it worked as I expected. This is the password you will enter to unlock the disk image.

It should not be the same as your Mac password. Make sure it is sufficiently difficult to guess. Otherwise, you will only be able to view the files on the image without updating them or adding new files to the image. This will start a short process in Disk Utility which will notify you when it is finished creating the disk image from your folder. Unless you select a different save location in the previous steps, the disk image will appear next to the folder you selected.

That disk image is protected by a password, requiring a password before it can be mounted and read.

How To Create A New Password Protected Folder On Mac

The original folder has been untouched and is not encrypted. This will leave only the encrypted DMG behind. Encrypto is a third-party encryption tool available in the Mac App Store. It provides greater ease of use in encryption and decryption, based on a simple drag-and-drop procedure. Install Encrypto from the Mac App Store. Enter the password you want to use to protect the folder.