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For any of this stuff, though, you need hard drives for storage.

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When you buy a Synology, you typically buy it standalone with empty drive bays. This means the first task to getting the NAS configured is to decide what kind of hard drives you want: speed, capacity, reliability, manufacturer and such. You can get away with any consumer OEM 3. Anything from Amazon will suffice for home consumer needs. Storage capacity depends on what you plan to use the NAS for, of course. Installing the drives into the Synology is very easy. The main NAS caddy contains two bays.

Take one of the bays out and remove the side strips. Then, slide a hard drive snugly into the bay. Re-attach the side strips to secure the hard drive in place, and then slide the whole lot back into the Synology. Looking at naked hard drives can be scary for some, but installation into the NAS is very straightforward and simple.

The clever design of the Synology bays eliminates the need for screws, or any tools at all. Aside from hard drive installation, the Synology hardware is as simple to configure as any other home appliance. Plug in the Ethernet and power cord, then switch it on. I knew about the easy-to-switch drive bays, but I had this feeling that the software configuration would be finicky and annoying.

For the most part, I was very wrong. Setting up the Synology system is a breeze. Eventually, you gain access to the real Synology system — again exposed through a web UI. This is fine but it is sluggish; any click takes at least a second for something to happen. Clicking on things is not as responsive as a real desktop computer by any means, however much it tries to ape the visual appearance. There are hundreds of online tutorials if you really want pictorial step-by-step guides for any feature, and the manual PDF included with the Synology is pretty good to boot. I think I referenced the official how-to guide once.

The iOS apps are bad. I use Plex. Plex then asks for pointers to the folder structure; these are the shared folders that were configured earlier. From then on, the Plex service runs autonomously. Time Machine backup setup is a bit more intricate. Could Synology design this setup to be simpler? Does it really matter? Probably not. Like with Plex, the steps only needs to be done once and then it can be left to its own devices. Obviously, there is a lot more the Synology can do beyond Plex and Time Machine. You can run your own email mailbox, host a web server on it, replace Apple Photos and much more.

I think the important takeaway is none of this is as hard or as scary as the alphabet soup of acronyms could imply. Loading content into Plex is straightforward. Plex will happily import most file formats, as it automatically transcodes the content on-the-fly to optimize the viewing experience for whatever device you are using to watch. To help Plex attach the correct metadata, it is recommended to name files in a certain way.

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The rules are very simple — read the documentation on this for more information. Acquiring such content is the real tricky bit here: the official method is to rip your movies from optical media, using a disc drive and HandBrake. Obviously, there are other avenues to find TV shows and theatre films digitally.

Just found it a few minutes ago and installed it. The video works perfectly but when I play audio files it plays ever song for 11 seconds then goes to the next one. If I use the network share option and play the audio it works perfectly. This is of course bypassing the UMS completely and just logging into a shared folder on the computer sharing the files.

Any ideas on sorting this will be greatly appreciated. I registered just to leave this compliment. Thanks for coding this for all of us to use. It works great with my sharp TV and I couldn't be happier. Awesome media server that handles just about every device out there! How great er can it be? I've been using PMS for several years.

PS3 Media Server Alternatives & Reviews

During the years there's been ups n downs. Had a few issues with movies, the computer couldn't get the hang of it. And the subtitles didn't always work. Well, could as much have been my own fault. So the other day I downloaded the new version. I have no words.


The new UMS is perfect. I can play anything from my NAS or from the computer. Works like a charm! Thanks a lot. Very fast browsing - so that any addition to an included folder is available virtually instantly without having to wait for libraries to be scanned.

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No problems with "classification" of media - WMP often mis-classifies media to "Other Media" so they become unavailable to receiving device. Trancoding - can play media on devices that may not support particular format - including displaying external subtitles. Simple and easy to use. I can now stream videos to my Xbox over wired connection Ethernet and to my Samsung TV over wifi without any hiccups.

I love and highly recommend this app. How stupid can a person be. That is how damn dumb, ignorant and unpleasant to boot. Get lost..

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The windows version was easier to work with then the linux headless ie, no gui. Strangely on either version the best performance on cpu and memory came when I turned off all transcoding.

How to Set Up a Home Media Server

Transcoding would all but pin the CPUs on my windows home server dual hyperthreaded atom or linux 11 on hyper-v quad core. Update: I can't get transcoding movies, web videos such as TED to work well. They run for a few minutes max, and then quit. Still meets my needs, since I don't need transcoding, but I backed off my ratings a bit.

I was surprised how well it worked and how easy it was to install on Windows in my case. It still has some rough edges, though. Most of the time the video was as good as what I've seen from commercial products like playon, but occasionally there were glitches and brief digital "blocking".

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Also, it couldn't scan large directories with hundreds of videos without timing out. I wish it could support commercial streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, but because it's open source I suspect these companies won't allow it because too much of their inner workings would become available for example, somebody modifying the code to copy the decoded stream.

What Is Plex?

But all my DLNA devices saw it and streamed from it. It also put all my drives online without having to add them first, a plus. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Resources Blog Articles Deals.

Three reasons to run your own Mac server

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