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Prior to OS If you upgraded from an earlier system, that folder may still be around. If so, you should check it for leftovers; although its contents should have been automatically migrated to the new folder, I recently found I still had items sitting in mine. Control-click a file and use any contextual menu command. If you Control-click but then change your mind and just let the menu close—too late!

Lost downloads folder from the dock on a mac

A copy is stored the moment you open the menu. This includes when you: close and reopen the message window; look at a different message in the Viewer window and come back to the one with the attachment; and quit and re-launch Mail. When you open an attachment directly from a Mail message into its parent app, your edits sometimes seem to be saved and sometimes not. Why is that? And why do those edits sometimes seem to alter the original attachment? That attachment is then saved to the Mail Downloads folder as explained above and opened in its associated app.

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If you edit the document and use the Save command not Save As , the edited version replaces the original file in the Mail Downloads folder. If you use the Open Recent command in the app later, it opens that altered copy.

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But say you want to go back and check something in the original attached file. Top: The title bar of the original attachment when it opens in Preview. Bottom: The title bar the moment you begin to edit the document. Before switching email client, however, you might want to get rid of existing gigabytes of useless attachments.

How to Clean Up Your Downloads, Music, and Movies Folders

Most people would have attachments and duplicates of those files, images, documents and videos dating back to when they first bought their Mac, with some going back to previous Macs if you synced from one device to another when setting-up a new computer. That is potentially a lot of old downloads and duplicates! One of the best ways to get rid of Mac Mail downloads is using CleanMyMac X , a popular and easy-to-use app that over 3 million people are using to remove documents, files, images, apps, music and other junk that they don't need anymore.

Also available from Setapp, you can get your Mac tidied up then download a new email client that will keep it more organized.

How to clear your downloads folder

Do emails take up storage? How to find Mail Downloads on a Mac Apart from inside your inbox, mail attachments are found in one of two - or both - places within your Mac. Deleting Mail Download files from a Mac One way to save space and stop mail download overload is to use an email client that makes it easier to find, organize and delete attachments. Within Unibox mail client you can do the following with email attachments: Preview attachments without launching external apps; Visually browse your attachments and images; Quickly find documents and files with an attachment list.

How to free up email space on my Mac?

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