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Disable this to increase performance. Atmospherics Detail: Sets the quality of atmospheric effects such as rain and snow.

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Use a lower setting to increase performance. Texture Detail: Adjusts the overall resolution of textures. Higher quality textures require more video memory but will greatly increase image quality. Texture Filtering: Changes the method used to filter textures in the game. Anisotropic Filter Quality: When texture filtering is set to anisotropic, this adjusts the quality level of the anisotropic filter.

Higher values yield better image quality at the expense of performance. High Quality Lighting: Allows for high quality lighting and shadow features, such as normal mapping, glow mapping and specular highlights. Disable this option to significantly improve performance. Specular Lighting: Increases visual quality by adding specular highlights to shiny surfaces.

Surface Reflections: Adjusts the visual quality of water reflections and mirrors. Disable this feature to greatly increase performance. Landscape Lighting Quality: When set to high, enables specular highlights on the certain types of terrain. When set to very high, bump maps are enabled for certain terrain surfaces as well. Set this option to low to improve rendering performance.

Options: Low High Very High. Landscape Shadows: Enables soft shadows to be cast from buildings and other architecture on to the landscape. Uncheck this option to slightly increase performance. Options: Disabled Low Medium High. Blob Shadows: Blob shadows will be rendered for characters when more detailed shadows are not available.

You can disable this to increase performance. Stencil Shadows: Enables shadows for characters and certain indoor props and architecture. This setting also controls the distance these shadows will be visible from. Use a lower setting to improve performance, or disable this to greatly increase performance.

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Environment Stencil Shadows: Enables shadows cast from certain indoor props and architecture. Uncheck this option to increase performance. Post Processing Effects: Enables graphics post-processing such as motion blur and bloom. Turn this off to greatly improve performance. Bloom Intensity: Controls the intensity of the dream-like glow effect that brightens the scene and blurs pixels together. Player Mesh Combining: When enabled, distant players will render faster, allowing more characters on screen at once.

However, this feature requires extra system memory and video memory. Uncheck this option to free up more system resources. Set to false to improve performance. Texture Cache Size: Adjusts the amount of system memory the game will use for graphics resources. Using a higher setting may reduce load times and improve performance on computers with plenty of memory. Lower this setting to free up memory for other resources and potentially improve performance. Player Crowd Quality: This option controls the graphics quality of characters and scenery when a large number of players are nearby.

Use a lower setting to improve rendering performance in crowded areas. Refresh Rate: When running in full screen mode, this setting adjusts the monitor refresh rate. Options: Auto 56hz 60hz 70hz 72hz 75hz 85hz. This only works when running in full screen mode. Triple Buffering: Enabling this option may slightly increase your maximum possible frame rate in full screen mode, but uses more video memory resources.

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We recommend leaving this setting disabled. Throughout alpha, closed beta, and open beta many issues have been found and addressed by players with tweaks and fixes. Below you'll find an ever growing list of tweaks that have worked wonders for others. This guide is not comprehensive and we will continue to add more tweaks and information as we find them.

LotRO -- Steam Install -- Issues (and Solutions)

If you have any tweaks not mentioned please add them! Setting up multiple users on a "non-server" implies that everybody is in their own "pigeon-hole," and not sharing things with other users on the same system.

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And makes assumptions that only one person will be using the Mac, which impacts how Updates are processed. Each user should have their own. This appears to happen with no problems. This will take care of the corresponding issue of Directories not being searchable by Group, and the fact that there is a second executable buried down inside the ".

This verifies that the embedded executable "loroclient" is in fact executable by everyone in your Group. You should now have all of the permissions necessary to allow any user in Group staff or whatever your Group name is to read and update the various "transition" screens and other files. You get all the way to entering your userid and password and selecting a server when you get the error: "Internal Error.

Please contact customer support. To use the special features instead of F1 etc.

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Images and interpretations of various messages generated by the Mac Client can be found on this page: Mac Client Messages. The "UserPreferences. Note that. Xcode free from the App Store for Mountain Lion users does a fine job as do other third party text exiting programs. TextEdit cannot read or convert them. TextWrangler - Bare Bones Software can convert them into XML form, however the resulting file contains all of the Apple plist boilerplate which tends to make the resulting file less than readable and therefore useful.

The current version Update 9 is still entitled: "Siege of Mirkwood. As the Mac Client is distributed as a single ".

Mac Client

Either mechanism allows you to navigate to individual pages, and to print single pages if you wish. TIP: Because of the complexity of accessing this manual, it is recommended that you create an alias and drag that alias to your desktop rather than printing it. Right click on the. The PDF file is 5. This file can be clicked on and read via the Console app, however it is usually only a report of events taking place AFTER login credentials have been validated. It is overwritten at each launch. This file can be clicked on and read via the Console app.

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It is normally quite short, as it is usually only a report of password failures and its full text can be read in the Finder preview window. It is appended to at each launch or patch session. This log is the most useful for diagnosing patching and other issues. It records activity during the patching phase of the client, both when patches actually exist as well as for each launch when LOTRO checks the files including. If there is any issue it usually will be indicated in this log.

However, in classic Unix fashion, this file is not normally created for you. You need to create a blank file to "initialize" it. Note that it is also never truncated an can therefore grow infinitely. You simply point it at the directory mentioned above and it will create the Plugins Folder and generate a list of available plugins for you to "pick and choose" -- then it will track updates to your installed plugins for you.

You simply launch it, and let it do its check prior to launching the game. Note that these files are plain text files in XML format. They also contain all of the aliases defined for a character. This provides a mechanism to also make your aliases common across all your characters. The files are visible to all characters on all servers when using a game-client accessed from the Mac.

If you are doing this frequently, you can assign this command to a shortcut i. Skins change the visual appearance of your User Interface. They go in a folder called "skins" located inside the "ui" folder. The Video vignette files and the Transition screens are located inside the.