Grave accent on mac keyboard

Dead simple? How are you even supposed to think that hitting caps lock would make any sense ever?

Debilski: dead simple to use! It does make sense in a way. I think I must have never thought about the real meaning of the word. I didn't either until I first saw this behavior on linux.

Because I'm not an native english speaker. Then I re-analyzed what Caps Lock means, and what Shift means. French layout? As I already said, this gives a 2, which is also the stupid behavior of Microsoft Windows.

Other French Characters On MacBook Keyboards

This works on Linux. Maybe this is configurable I think the numeric version is the one which emulates the ancient French typewriter layout. The one which did not have any capital accented letters at all. To do it more smoothly you can keep caps lock pressed.

French Characters On MacBook Keyboards

Smitty Smitty 61 1 1 bronze badge. I edited my question. Does this not work?

Testing in firefox. Try textedit, Chrome. Firefox might not support this already. Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke 4 4 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. Oh this is sooooo handy!

LearnGaelic - Typing Tips

What a nice OS! Anyway, thank you very much for this answer. Upvoted, accepted! That really is a lot of effort needed for such a letter. Maybe you should create a new question and ask if you can assign a shortcut for those five keystrokes? I don't know why this computer was configured that way. It's brand new, so it must be the default I think the reason it is so difficult is the idea some French language experts have that you don't need to ever show accent marks on capital letters. Seems totally crazy to me when it comes to digital text. TomGewecke but see academie-francaise. Am1rr3zA Am1rr3zA I know about this method, but I'm searching for something more simple.

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