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And the output quality is perfect. It can play blu-ray disc, watch p HD video, convert blu-ray to 2D and 3D video, backup blu-ray disc and copy blu-ray disc. Menu principal Masquer la navigation principale. Masquer la navigation secondaire. With backup function, it also can help you backup Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray folder and ISO image file on your local disc. Easy operation — With the unique design and intuitive interface, you can finish all the processes only in a few clicks.

You will have displayed in two separate screens the start and the end of your file.

Calculation of bitrate and size You do not know what video bitrate to choose? You have a size not to exceed? You can use the bitrate calculation tool to see the size of your final file that is defines on the duration of your video file. Quickly crop your images By using the "Image" function you will have the possibility to quickly and easily crop your images as well as your videos. You can define your frame precisely by writing directly your values in pixels. A real video cropping Much better than simple black bars, this tool available with the H.

Whether by pre-setting or manually, you will find the right ratio. Add a logo easily and accurately With the "Add a logo" checkbox accessible for H. Several settings allow you to perfectly adjust its position, size and opacity.

VLC for Mac OS X

Download what you want With the "Web Video" function download your videos or music by recovering the web link and paste it into that window. You have the possibility to choose from the different formats available. Automatically detect your cuts You need to recover the cuts from a video file, that you no longer have the editing?

Use the "Cut detection" function that will do it for you, recover an ". The simple and powerful renaming When you need to rename a large number of files it can be very long.

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By right-clicking on the selected files, you can rename as easily as quickly a very large number of files. Create subtitles simply and efficiently The "Subtitling" function offers you the possibility to create your subtitles easily from any video. Use shortcuts to maximize your closed caption speed. Burn your subtitles to your format You can add. With a simple and clear overview you can define font, color and size.

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A render queue to stop waiting There will come a time when we want to release different formats with different files. You can contact me if you are missing a video or audio codec, i will provide the file to drag in this window. Send your files to ftp server By right-clicking on a file in the Shutter Encoder list, you can send your files to a remote ftp server. If you enter the ftp parameters before a conversion, once your file converts it will be sent to the server. You can choose to receive a confirmation e-mail if you wish. Check your file information By right-clicking on one or more files, you will have access to all informations about your files and you can easily compare them.

Essential parameters Because post-production is a very demanding domain, I propose different parameters to answer the best to the requirements of your workflow. Automatic Updates The Shutter Encoder software checks each time if a new version is available. You will be able to install it once the download is complete and take advantage of new features and settings.

All In One Video Converters. Shutter Encoder video tutorials. Shutter Encoder takes a step closer to perfection since integrating mpeg1 exports. The speed of the software is only matched by its reliability and ease of use. What you could not do with other encoding software, you can still do better, easily and quickly with Shutter Encoder, in addition to perfectly master all types of classics encoding.

You can even change the language of the software now!!!! And much more It only misses the possibility encapsulation in Quicktime Reference as well as a preview of fast timeline preview to touch the "stars of the encoding".

Official Download of VLC media player for Mac OS X - VideoLAN

Ce que vous ne pouviez pas faire avec d'autres logiciels d'encodage, vous pourrais le faire encore mieux, plus rapidement et surtout gratuitement avec Shutter Encoder, en plus de maitriser parfaitement tous le types d'encodage classiques. Et bien plus encore Review by Benjarent Flomin on Jul 3, Version: Quick and easy integration into Avid's "MediaFiles" workflow is a major and indispensable asset.

Review by alex bouaz on Jun 3, Version: No comments. Rating it only. Review by smrpix on Apr 25, Version: This is a great encoder that is very intuitive and easy to use. It has some amazing features such as the ability to choose from 61 LUT's to add to your footage as well as add your own, image stabilization, change the luminance output to , in and out cutting without re-encoding, frame rate altering, slow motion frame interpolation and many more.

Very handy for creating proxy files for editing. All in all, a great package packed with features and all for FREE. Thanks to the developer, Paul, for creating this amazing software for us all to enjoy!

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