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Open the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. Enter the IP address of the target printer or the target access point in Enter the network address to ping. XXX" is the IP address of the target device. Otherwise, the computer is communicating with the target device.

Page top. Start Network Utility. Question, when I try these commands and various combinations of them: en0 etc. Help please? Does anyone how to spoof whit MacBook Pro It doesnt work this articel for Hey everyone I tried the samething with my By the way the command airpot -z did not work for me. There is a file, but bash says: command not found. Please double-check your typing when using sudo.

Hello dear Mac Users : I was trying to do exactly what said Chromeo. But nothing. I have latest firmware of the airport v1. Help please. I have Snow Leopard Trust me this works, doing it now by following exact instructions above. Does anyone know if you can still use this trick? I have been watching these comments ever since snow leopard release. First off I know many of the readers need this command so they can set their MAC to an acceptable range for their network. My laptop already works in my network, I am using the command as a quick way to reset my IP. I have had success under I then used the above command to switch MAC.

I then am able to connect to my network just fine. Dunno how this affects the crowd of folks that need a certain range in order to connect in the first place.

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I carry a spare external portable drive that I can use when I need to. But it sucks to reboot and not use my normal system. In the meantime, we should be vocal about this and make sure Apple knows that this is a problem for those of us who need to troubleshoot or gain access to secure networks that require us to use a specific MAC address range. In response to Cool P and his question on if someone knowing your mac address will make you vulnerable to being hacked. The answer is no. The mac address is used to identify that device on the network.

The main reason for spoofing for me at least is for network troubleshooting. Can your Mac be hacked if someone knew your airport mac address? Just need to know, this is my reason for Spoof. I advice on this matter.

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Has anyone using Maybe setting the MAC address before airport loads would be effective. Am very interested to hear how to get the wireless working again. I am still having the same problems as bluefish. I did it the way the update at the bottom of the instructions sad with using airport -z and all that. From the command line it looks good but the Airport is inoperable.

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I hardly believe Appl disabled the feature without disabling the actual command. If the command is there, it should work. As we all know, Snow Leapord Airport issues are viral on the interwebs. Major bug IMO. I changed my mac adrress but now in my router configuration I appear with the old Mac address and with the new one.

Just an unfortunate update…In I am having the same problem as Kevein Edwards. Having upgraded to Snow Leopard, this command now seems to be broken. When I change my MAC address using the same command, it breaks the wireless. When I change my MAC address back to the one listed, the wireless returns to normal operation. I am guessing that the new release has disallowed spoofing, but I am not sure. I remember that I cannot change my ethernet port en0 because it supposedly has a hardware lock, but the wireless card never had this issue. It seems that this is too new of an issue to have received attention found nothing on google.

Does anyone have any idea of a way to bypass this new software change? Now with Snow Leopard Crowd fans. Mac spoofing of ethernet en0 works on Snow Leopard. I was able to spoof mac address on en0 ifconfig en0 ether xx:xx:xx…. Allow it to attempt a connection and then go ahead and cancel the request.

Your card is now deactivated allowing us to proceed with the following command:. Just updated to Thought perhaps I could spoof it, using a different driver. No luck when I plugged it in, so I downloaded driver from TrendNet. Not sure what happened. It works while the internal interface is up and running!

Summary, assuming you want to do this on a wifi connection:. Do not turn off airport 2. Enter a bogus network name, e. In a terminal window, enter: sudo ifconfig en1 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx: your new MAC 5. Choose the network you wish to join from the Airport menu.

Make sure that you are connected to the network interface that you would like to spoof for it to work. At this point you may spoof using the sudo ifconfig en1 ether command. Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, some tips would help.

Spoofing your can be done for various reasons. You can using spoofing to provide the expected MAC address. Hmmm, why would I want to spoof my MAC address in the first place? What advantages to that and in which situations? I am on OSX Has anyone else on Thanks guys. Now I can use both on the property wifi.

Thanks for filling a need the hotel should help with. Have Mac OS X Akbarfoto says that it does work on powerbook, so it might be the driver that does not support such operation. Maybe it would be possible to use the old driver from Tiger in Leopard?

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So far it is not working with en0 LAN , but works fine with en1 Wireless under leopard Press Return. Type: mkdir StartupItems 5. If you encounter an error, continue to step 6. Type: cd StartupItems 7. In the pico editor, paste in the following text. Begin copying below this line. Note: Removing the number sign from the beginning of a line uncomments it. Typically, en0 is the interface name for the Built-in Ethernet port and en1 is interface name for the AirPort Card.

This is not always the case, though. When you have finished customizing the file, save it press Control-O , press Return, and exit pico press Control-X. When you have finished customizing the file, save it Control-O , press Return, and exit pico Control-X. Type: chmod StartupParameters. When prompted, enter your password.

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In the pico editor, add this line at the bottom:. To use the script again without having to restart, enter the following command:.

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  • Changing or spoofing does not seem to work on the en0 wired ethernet of MacBook Pros even in Does anyone know a way to resolve this issue? Changing the above command to en0 worked for me in Mac OS X You can check if it worked by doing ifconfig, and your ethernet MAC address will be identified as that address. Works for my wireless. Any ideas how to get this to work for ethernet en0? I find the wireless a lot more useful, and it shows just how weak the mac address filtering is as a security implementation on any network.

    Is there any way to spoof the ethernet en0 MAC Address? Used to work on Tiger, but stopped working after I upgraded to Leopard. Hello, I did it, but there is a problem — when I verify the new mac address there is nothing done, the MAC address is the original. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. June 28, at pm. Rob says:. April 30, at am.

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    Ryan says:. June 11, at pm. Troubled Gamer says:. May 26, at am. Adrian Rangel says:. October 23, at am. Jessica Fan says:. April 7, at am. July 4, at am. July 4, at pm. Henry says:.

    May 18, at pm. Jay says:. May 19, at am. Joe says:. April 27, at pm. December 6, at pm. Feross says:. January 22, at am. O says:. November 4, at pm. Invalid says:. December 27, at pm. September 9, at pm. March 1, at pm. Annie says:. December 30, at am. February 22, at am. November 23, at pm. Blessedly, those days are almost entirely over. Now, just about anyone can configure and join a network. When you signed up for that service, either someone installed it for you or you were sent the gear you needed and you followed the instructions necessary to connect to the Internet.

    This IP address is your main thoroughfare to the Internet. The router, as its name implies, routes devices connected to it either with a wire or via Wi-Fi so that they can access your Internet connection. The router creates a number of internal IP addresses—private addresses used only within your local network.

    The router is the home itself. A Mac that sports an ethernet port and carries Wi-Fi circuitry will, at the very least, display ethernet and Wi-Fi entries. A green dot next to any entry indicates that the connection is active and available to use. Select one of these active connections again, one with a green dot.