Zebra label printer software for mac

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Zebra Setup Utilities for OSX

Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 0. I wasn't specifc enough. The details are here. Hope this helps.

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Insight iPhone Cases. Chosen Solution. Was this answer helpful? Score 1. DriverWizard Rep: 1. Add your answer Brian will be eternally grateful. View Statistics:. Now, if I could only get Microsoft to validate my Windows 8 installation…. If you are concerned about the fuzzy printing being an issue with Amazon postage, I can assure you it is not an issue. It is a driver issue - namely a Mac driver does not exist. You can get it to work by using a different Zebra printer model driver.

It works fine for programs designed specifically for it like Endicia Mac. Side technical note: any idea how much it would cost to get a programmer to make the correct driver for a Mac? I hate using paper labels for Fedex. Somebody else is now selling drivers.

Got the link from the Zebra website. I admit that I have a few Macs that will soon be used for business but they are set up to run Windows natively.

As an example, my sister used to work in the film industry. She used a Mac because that was what was a kind of industry standard although lots of their software was Windows based. She is now in accounting and realized immediately that the industry standard is Windows so she dropped the Mac and replaced it with a Windows machine.

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It is cheaper than having to pay a programmer to build a driver. I bought it today, and although installation was a breeze, something seems to not jive and my settings are all whack. Use your entrepreneurial spirit. Work with the developer to fix the problems, get a group discount for us, and ask him to give you a refund for your assistance and referrals. We have the solution for you.

They are wrong! Print directly from your Mac to your Zebra printer at speed.

Installing a Zebra Label Printer on a Mac OS X 10.5

Peninsula Labeller is the complete professional labelling solution for Mac. Create labels easily with text, barcodes, pictures and more straight on your Apple Mac computer. Easy step by step installer for your printer, no name changing, no hassle. Supports all Zebra Printers. Start printing now. For more details please click the button below. This is a commercial product with full technical support, updates are regularly posted and we can even help you to set it up via TeamViewer.