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A video with basically everything.. Lets make it go viral : Is it still possible for us to reach the goal of sets? Highly unlikely but we'll see where the series brings us ;D Hope you guys enjoy! Dun Dun Dun. Duration: Movie Category: Games , Runescape Added on: August 22nd, Hey whats up guys it's Tim - Make sure you stay tuned till the end : Original - earliest comment on this video when we started the series - Become a Facebookie today: Check out my other Channels Duration: Movie Category: Games , Runescape Added on: August 21st, If you aren't minding the frequent uploads give it a like ;D So how many times did I kill someone with a 69 in this vid?

Runescape Sparc Mac's 4th Bounty Hunter Pk Video - Vloggest

As the video progresses some of the money will be held in the bank you'll see why Effects On Rares. Duration: Movie Category: Games , Runescape Added on: August 20th, Be sure to thumbs up this video and send it around and leave a comment below on what you think will happen to rares , big stakers , and dicing clans. This is a video informing you guys that jagex is taking Get over there and sub if you haven't already : Today we've got a pk commentary featuring a small little montage towards the end.

Hope ya guys enjoy!

Become a Facebookie today: Check out Duration: Movie Category: Games , Runescape Added on: August 20th, This is the video that started the series, lets see if we can get it to 10k Likes before we end this thing. Posted 07 October - PM The wilderness has no rules, unless they are being verbally offensive anything goes imo. People stream stuff and pretty much ask people to come be annoying since they are telling the whole world were you are. Posted 13 October - PM good and bad, personally i think jagex give streamers stupid luck or odds while they stream.

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However, i do agree with the bans and harassment on ragging. Posted 17 October - PM I agree. They don't care anymore, it's all about making more money. This is not really true. Ragging is just repeatedly attacking someone who doesn't want to fight you. Ragging really became big around as a consequence of people being overly picky of who they would fight by doing things such as looking people up before fighting and only fighting those they had a clear advantage over.

It's because of this behaviour ragging became necessary. Raggers would clear the wild of people like this or rag them to the point they couldn't fight anyone else. Does that mean they would one-item those people? That would be incredibly ineffective. Raggers would just find a way they had an advantage over the other player and exploit it. Examples would be tribriding hybrids, hybriding melee'ers, or if need be, using overhead prayers against whatever combat style. Ragging is extremely effective if you have max gear.

So is ragging harassment? Should people continue to rag? Would there be a problem is raggers just risked more? Oftentimes they do, people just don't know what ragging is. Do JaGEx favour streamers? They advertise the game. Is this fair? But neither is the rest of life. Should raggers target streamers?

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  • Some of them deserve it, and if they can't take it they aren't a very good streamer imo. I've spent hundreds of hours fighting raggers, and ragging others.

    RuneScape EOC Skiller Progress 4

    It's not going to change, people are probably eventually going to learn how to deal with it better. Posted 28 October - PM Hanging around the Runescape subreddit you see that JMods certainly do show their fare share of favouritism, at the end of the day it is their judgement at that time and Jagex employ them to make that judgement. Its just a part of the game. Somebody does hard by you you're going to want to get back at them and some will go as far as to get their clan involved on the act. Even if you could get rid of it people just resort to worse, maybe even illegal measures.

    Posted 31 October - PM Lol broadcasting where you are and what you're wearing and then being surprised when people start showing up. Your signature has been removed because it was breaking the rules of this community. Please ensure that you fix your signature according to the rules before putting it up again. Otherwise, you may be banned. If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

    Thanks, Aragon. Posted 31 October - PM just make it so you cant enter the wildy without risking 50k or more after protect item. Old Rsn: c o r r a n1, i demonelf i, folk 4 lif3 proud to have been a member of The Hatred. Posted 31 October - PM just make it so you cant enter the wildy without risking 50k or more after protect item I would loveeee this update, other than the fact raggers would just drop 50k cash before dying perhaps make so u cant drop items inside combat areas or while in combat To me, the stance Jagex should take is one i think some of the jmods have been trying to take.

    The problem i think is some of the jmods actively play themselves and are fans of some streamers; they get stuck on their own agenda. If they're annoying you go to world , If they changed it so you cant run over players who are in combat, players could set up splash walls and block off entire areas. There is no reason to pay them unless they're better than you and u dont want to fight them because of that. Go to w or if they're 1 iteming you.

    Verbal abuse falls under offensive language. I think it's unfortunate Jagex casts such severe mutes and bans on players for offensive language done by 1 itemers, but let it go freely elsewhere.

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    Let's be honest, few and far between are there kids on this game who should be sheltered from such abuse, and there still is a game filter toggle for them. I know people used to consider this type of thing ragging. I think that type of ragging is honestly pre-godswords and dark bows. It's hard to effectively pester someone in max gear when you can get PJed by someone with a weapon that can effectively 1 hit you especially with the current server disconnect issues I would like to note that most raggers still only rag people who the raggers deem deserving.

    People trying to cheat the system of pking players have set up. Maybe people who are n-ranging brids or bridding meleers. Unfortunately, you can easily take a rag situation out of context even watching an entire stream could be out of context and make it look like the raggers are terrible. A ragger might add you to his "perm" list for doing something deserving of such nomination. Maybe you wished cancer on him after watching him rag someone else.

    Venging 30 seconds before a fight so you can veng on the second hit too. Having a friend spec your target before you attack him so he's immediately on the defensive. Teleporting to duel arena to gain full spec, prayer and hp within 10 seconds. There are so many different things players do that it's pretty biased of Jagex to target these group of players because what they do is hard for normal players to combat without changing up their normal pking habits.

    Of course it is unfair, and I personally think a company should not be so biased, but at the end of the day Jagex values the running streams more than some complaining people on Reddit.


    Posted 02 November - PM Ragging is part of the game yes but we cant change it its just the attitude some ppl have. Posted 04 November - AM jagex should not do anything towards this. Posted 04 November - AM The wilderness has no rules, unless they are being verbally offensive anything goes imo Lol broadcasting where you are and what you're wearing and then being surprised when people start showing up. Whining about being attacked or killed in the Wilderness by 'unsanctioned' means, or however you want to put it, is plain ridiculous.

    By entering you have already accepted any and all risks. Deal with it.

    Runescape Sparc Mac's 7th Bounty Hunter Vid - Huge Risks / Ninja Turtling

    I find it amusing how most streamers, indeed anyone in the public spotlight for that matter, are all too happy to milk the benefits something awful - but feel they have some God-given right to not have to put up with any of the negatives either. Again, deal with it. No-one asked you to put yourself out there in the first place. Back to General Discussion. Sign In Please enter your username, not your email, to log in. See here for details.

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