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When they did, the meal ranked highly for all participants, but was especially adored by backpackers. If you ask me, beef stroganoff will always be a classic backpacking meal. Noodles mean high carbs and beef means high protein, and remember, we backpackers like those things.

The net weight of the entire bag is only 4.

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With 2. Since we followed the back label instructions precisely for each meal, one thing we wanted to know was how soupy the meal would become. But luckily, beef stroganoff is hard to screw up. I find that most rehydrated meals that utilize milk can cause a filmy aftertaste in your mouth. Keep these things in mind. However, our campers loved it and with good reason.

This is one of those warm meals that you can gorge on and then immediately go to sleep, a major plus for anyone who is car or frontcountry camping.

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Plus, because its a stew, you can get away with it being mildly soupy. Out of curiosity, we sampled the beef stew as a dry mix first, before cooking it. Always be sure to have a complete backpacking cookware set with you to cook your meal. Since most hiking and camping trips typically last more than one day, we wanted to add a section for our 2nd place meals, our runners-up.

We love backpacking meals that have lots of calories and multiple servings. A package of the Chili Mac contains 2.

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Chili Mac has similar product specs to Beef Stroganoff, but it ended up being the runner-up because of taste. Regardless, Chili Mac is still a backcountry staple. The eggs fluff up a decent amount, so the texture is not half bad if you can get past the fact that the eggs are literally swimming in water by the time you reach the end of the bag. The only significant flavor in this meal is bacon. No spice. Honestly, mac and cheese will always be one of my favorite camp foods, but the Mountain House Mac and Cheese is nothing to call home about.

Following the instructions on the package exactly, the meal ended up a little undercooked and slightly watery.

Mountain House #10 Can Ingredients & Nutrition

My recommendation? Go a little gourmet and melt down some cheddar and mix it with some cooked pasta in your camp bowl. Simple perfection. I have nothing against the Chicken Fajita Bowl. I wanted to enjoy the Chicken Fajita Bowl. Mexican food needs to taste fresh, and this just barely makes the cut on the freshness scale. Our taste testers met this meal with shrugs.

Mountain House® Chili Mac with Beef (2.5 Servings)

Would they eat it? If they had to. Do they have to? Absolutely not. Rice and chicken is such a simple meal that we recommend you pack your own goodies and make this yourself.


The Mountain House version is plain and the rice is difficult to cook all the way through. Carbs 39g. Protein 14g. Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash. Beef Stroganoff with Noodles.

Chicken A La King. Pasta Primavera. Turkey Chili. Chili Con Carne.

Chili with Beans Canned. Chicken Chili. Chili Con Carne with Beans. Add this item to my food diary date:. Campbell's Chunky Chili with Beans. Contains: wheat, soy and barley.

Freeze-Dried Foods Review: Mountain House Breakfast Skillet and Chili Mac with Beef

Tech specs Show Tech specs. Gluten free Made with gluten-free ingredients, but not necessarily in a guaranteed gluten-free environment. Vegetarian Does not contain animal products but may contain dairy or egg products. Vegan This product does not contain animal products or by-products. Show Reviews. Ask and answer No questions. Be the first to ask one.

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