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With three separate apps, it takes the load off iTunes, which has been absorbing functions since its launch. The new apps will mean that each element of entertainment happens in its own bespoke space, rather than slotting into a single app and making it more complex to switch between functions and content than it needs to be. Instead, you'll be able to find your iPhone or iOS device syncing options in a Finder sidebar, if you want to sync or backup via cable.

But rather than bore you with the details of everything new that Apple will be bringing in your next software update, let's take a look at where iTunes came from and some of the key moments along the way. In reality, the decommissioning of iTunes is long overdue.

Why Apple needs iPad apps on the Mac

The app has been providing more and more functionality as a portal to Apple's mobile devices, which it held onto well beyond its usefulness. For many users, iTunes no longer really served any purpose, or was a nasty place to go. Split into Apple Music, Podcasts and Apple TV, things will be a lot cleaner - and if you don't want anything to do with music or podcasts, you never have to use them.

Farewell iTunes: Apple brings standalone Music, Podcasts and TV apps to Mac

Download: Apple Podcasts Free. Social features include the ability to like and comments on episodes and a chat feature to talk about content in real-time. It also features user profiles that allow you to display your all-time favorite shows and episodes, plus an easy way to share your listening experiences on Facebook and Twitter. In terms of podcast playback, Breaker provides 0.

2. Pocket Casts

Download: Breaker Free. CastBox has been around for a while, but it went under the spotlight in mid with the launch of ContentBox—a new blockchain-based approach to rewarding content creators for their efforts. ContentBox allows podcast creators to offer paid content directly on the CastBox platform. In doing so, it became the first podcast app to provide a third-party distribution model for premium content. Download: CastBox Free, subscription available. However, there are all kinds of design-related podcasts out there to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Your email address will not be published. Thank me later, You surely won't regret this experience. Hey PS, thanks for pointing that out. You're right about that, I just checked. The Podcasts app doesn't even hint at that feature so I missed it. When your podcast is free, you will want to host it on at least one internet server to help distribute it. The most recent update adds interface enhancements, an iOS 10 widget and a new action tray that makes it easier to manage episodes of your favorite podcasts.

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Google is getting into the podcast game, with its very own podcasting app. Google Podcasts is a must-have if you own a Google Home speaker along with your Android device. You'll be able to start a podcast on your phone during your commute and pick up where you left off when you get home by picking up the podcast on your smart speaker. Other features include the ability to adjust playback speed, Google Assistant integration and adding podcasts to the app directly from Google searches.

The Best Podcast App for iPhone and iPad: 7 Top Choices Compared

Google also promises AI-powered capabilities in the future, such as automatic closed captioning. Unlike other podcatchers, Castro 's primary virtue is its simplicity and ease of use. The app combines sleek visual design with crystal clear audio. Episodes download in the background. The result is a podcatcher that isn't cluttered with too many complex features. That's not to say Castro is bare bones, as it includes dynamic storage management, automatic episode downloads and episode streaming.

With Castro 2 in the works, the devs have since made the original app free for all users.

Best Podcast Apps

Pocket Casts Android, iOS neatly combines style and function with an attractive design that showcases subscribed podcasts in tile format. Tap on a square to bring up an episode list and download options. A smart playlisting feature helps you sort and categorize your downloaded content for easy listening. Pocket Casts also includes video podcast support, auto-downloading and automatic cleanup of downloaded episodes to save storage space.

Other helpful playback features include quick skip forward and back buttons with configurable time intervals, and a sleep timer.

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What may be its most important feature is its cross-platform nature that allows it to sync between devices and OS's, which is great if you've got an iOS and Android device. Spotify Android , iOS might not be the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions podcasts, but the streaming media juggernaut also includes support for audio and video podcasts, along with a nifty Spoken Word section in the app.

Playback and management options are sparse compared to other apps, but if you're already using Spotify for your streaming music and don't want to dig around for a dedicated podcatcher, then give it a shot. We could all use a laugh these days, and that's what Laughable Android , iOS promises with its comedy-focused podcast app.

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Laughable boasts the world's largest database of comedians — search for your favorite, and you'll not only find podcasts they host but a list of appearances on other shows. It's not just comedy; Laughable's database includes athletes, actors and other public figures, too. You can subscribe to other podcasts within Laughable, and enjoy playback features like offline listening, adjustable playback speed and a sleep timer. Breaker takes more of a social media approach to podcast search and discovery. The app highlights the shows that your friends subscribe to, allowing you to like podcasts, comment on episodes and chat with friends about your favorites.

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Through Breaker, you can also connect with the people behind your favorite shows. Naturally, the recommendations will tailor themselves to your podcast consumption as well as those that your friends are following. The app's no slouch on the playback side either, with playback speed controls, silence skip, and the option to automatically download new episodes of your subscriptions.