Control mac with iphone remote

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Turn iPhone, iPad and Android into wireless mobile mouse / trackpad / keyboard with Remote Mouse.

Club Film. Assign a different action to a button with one click. Change the menu structure using drag and drop. Create your own custom actions.

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Or your own complete plugin using the Behaviour Construction Kit. It's time to retire that laser pointer. The integrated Mousespot feature is a neat spotlight-effect that helps you direct audience attention exactly where you want it. Button presses from the RF-based remotes are forwarded to Remote Buddy by the Hub almost instantly, making it a joy to use.

Setup Guide. Remote Buddy can use the driver that ships with macOS - or our own bundled Candelair driver. Candelair offers lower latency, accurate recognition of the beginning and end of all button presses and enables end-to-end event optimization to avoid unnecessary delays.

Apple TV Remote App for iOS Gets New Icon

Supported Hardware. Prefer a magic wand to many buttons?

Using 🍎 Macbook as a ViewFinder for iPhone Camera

Remote Buddy supports more remotes and receivers. For the complete list of compatible devices, please see the Hardware page. Well, it also provides you with a tiny trackpad that just works in getting your work done. Price: Free Download. Setting up Remote is easy and quick and once done, your entire iTunes library shows up on your iPhone.

Pair iTunes Remote with an iTunes library

Interestingly, you can also create Genius Playlists, edit the library and do all sorts of modifications to it through your iPhone. Being a free app, Remote works awesomely. Well, I say it because I have used this app and found it damn good. It works efficiently in letting you access your Mac or PC from another computer or mobile device. Once you have connected both your iPhone and the computer, you will be able to access files and apps on your computer over the Internet with the Chrome Remote Desktop.

What I really adore about this app is the ability to let you control your computer using super handy gestures like swipe with two fingers to scroll up or down, pinch and stretch with two fingers to zoom and more. I see this app as a smart tool that can let you take the desired control over your important files remotely. With the support for multiple cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box, you will be able to manage all of your files with ease. The app also lets you stream movies as well as music. As it works with many video and music formats, your entertainment time will hardly come to a halt.

Ever forgot to turn off your computer before leaving? But worry not. Apps like Off Remote can get that covered for you. This app lets you check if all computers are shut down, lets you switch them on or put them to hibernate and brings a good level of password protection too which makes sure only you can switch off the computers.

Connects fast and easy, with auto-discovery and more.