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Hey, thanks mehermann for replying i dont see many mods doing that but good luck with your game i would love to play it sadly i wont be able to anytime soon. Get a PC. For the price of a low-end Apple computer you can have a gaming beast.

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Kelton View Profile View Posts. I had a Toshiba i had a virus on it and it would run any game you would want it to. It would run any game super smooth and before i got the virus, being stupid and downloading things i dont need and malware i could play war thunder in HD, Like its a movie. But kelton where do i find this at?

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America's Army: Proving Grounds on Steam

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Report inappropriate content. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. This game is unplayable on my dual 1. What a joke,I cant believe they even released this.


Looking on the americas army mac forum it looks like this game is unplayable even on a new g5. I am very disappointed,dont even bother with this game,us mac users have been getting the shaft ever since this game came out. Just horrible,I cant beleive how lame this game is. Hey All, I have been playing Americas Army for over a year since version 1. The game is awesome, all I can say.

You are playing in the army, of course the game is going to have violence, but it has very little blood spray from headshots. The game is supposed to be team based, working together.

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The game does have a few issues on some of the new maps. If your computer does not have a good enough graphics card, then your computer will run the new SF missions SF Pipeline, Sandstorm, Csar, Hospital at a very slow rate. But then you can turn around and play the other 17 awesome maps. BTW: I hope the previous post meant 1. Cause 1.

how to download america's army 3

Anyways, the features, graphics, support, and general stablity are awesome, especially when the game is free to the world. If you complain about the violence of this game, then I suggest you don't go near Soldier of Fortune 2. I know i'm going to shock and dismay some people that have posted here but i'm actually going to review the game.

It's slightly disconcerting that people seem to feel the need to apply their political grievances to a computer game, enough said about that. The game itself is large, buggy, slow, takes up an enormous amount of space. I just don't understand why us Mac users can't have the same kinds of games that PC users enjoy? Battlefield is a far superior game and we don't even have anything that comes close to it.

Not reccomended. What do you want for nothing? Enjoy the game, its a shoot 'em up, kill, mame, etc.

America's Army 3

Perfect for you. Chill, kids. First off, it's free, and if you don't like it, don't download and play it. Second, this is coming from a liberal non-Bush-loving citizen this game is NOT propaganda. Yes, it does have Army logos here and there.